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Miz Cracker

Facts About Me

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I feel like everyone gets along with me, except you :trollney: jk :hug: so imma entertain everyone with lots of artsy fartsy facts bout me <3



- My real name is Steven (Follow me on IG https://instagram.com/femme_monsters/)


- I'm originally from Puerto Rico but currently living in Texas <3


- I may look 15 years old but I'm actually 20 years old :3

- Confession, I've never ever been to a Britney show :( hopefully i can go this year to Vegas with my BF tumblr_nluhofDSqd1t0u5nco3_75sq.gif

- I'm a huge stan of Drag queens, everyone knows I love Adore Delano <3:excited:<3 but since i'm watching Season 7 of Rupaul's Drag Race, I'm known as Katya


- I love meeting knew people, I'm shy at first but once I get to know you for a couple days, we'll get along just great :hug:


- I'm a Video editor, most of you have watched my backdrops, but for now that's all I can do since I haven't gone to the advanced classes in college so I'll probably go in 3 or 5 years to college


- I would love to meet each and everyone of you, except for you Kurapika, cuz you love Mariah :trollney: JK you too


- I hate being used and lied to, so don't cross me tumblr_nluhofDSqd1t0u5nco5_250.gif


- My other dream other than me wanting to go to the US to live is to go to New York, the city of dreams and love <3


- I'd love to dress up like those models i see online, they have the best fashion senses and it makes me want to go grab a cup of Starbucks


- I love Starbucks


- Also Doritos


- My favorite Starbucks drink is the Caramel Frappuccino (sometimes I love to get it with java chips :3)


- It took me a year exactly to finish my Till the World Ends Backdrop


- I love Gaga, slay me Mother Monster <3


- Britney was actually the first Pop artist I watched in 2000, i never knew who she was because I never had anyone explain me what the music industry was so from time to time i used to watch her videos and still wouldn't know who she was til I knew about her in 2007


- I melt for Marilyn Monroe, she is my beauty goddess of love of the galaxy of the universe  :thirsty:


- I love Kpop so much, i hate to admit it but their beats are way better than what regular Pop music sounds like these days


- I love Hatsune Miku


- I love anime :'D


That's all I have for ya'll <3 please enjoy these Britney outtake gifs <3:trollney:










Love you guys and miss you all so much, it's not the same without me is it? :( miss everyone from the Shoutbox, love you all <3 gonna try my best to keep the shoutbox alive with everyone <3

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