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  1. Honestly,im done with this. I unfollowed her on all the social media. I cant and won't stan for a person whose only focus in her career is money. She doesnt give a flying fuck about her fans. She'll hardly produce music in the future and by the time the show is over ( if its over she'll probably stay there until she dies) she'll be more irrelevant than xtine and Cher combined. But ye sorry, i wont stan for someone i cant even see while other fanbases get to see their idol every single year on a world tour, because believe it or not,europeans need around 4-5k euros to come and see vegas,ans honestly even if i did have that money,i certainly wouldn't waste it on someone so incredibly selfish.Considering she gave us only shit singles after ff (work bitch was ok tho) and a shit album, i expect this to keep happening. I honestly have nothing to do as her fan anymore. Ill stick to her old stuff, check her up every now and then but thats it.
  2. She wont mention anything believe me,those are all nothinh but rumors. She'll just probably give an award to trailor and say how much she inspires her and loves her
  3. Omg they are definitely giving it to trailor for her shitty excuse for music
  4. oh my God fuck Glen and his obsession with ff makeup style fucking idiot , she looks perfect, but that makeup on her eyes is a nono, when will he fucking realise that with britney, the less the better
  5. You got: “Radar†You’re on your radar looking for someone who gives you that tingle that makes you wanna mingle — which is exactly why you need to turn up the fader with “Radar.†Keep searching until you find a man with a Midas touch, but in the meantime, choose “Radar†before you lose it. You got: “Out From Under†So you’ve ended things because it just wasn’t working out… and it’s almost too much to swallow. “Out From Under†knows exactly what you’re going through, which is why you should play this powerful Circus ballad until you’ve learned to live without. You’ve tried everything you could try, so maybe it’s time to say goodbye… forever. You got: “Brave New Girl†You’re feeling independent and you’re finally setting out to find what you actually want in life, which is exactly why “Brave New Girl†is the right Britney song for you. You won’t take a back seat — there’s a brave new girl and she’s comin’ out tonight!
  6. slay Croatia tbh Serbia at least fixed it all after the floods, who would've guessed
  7. THAT gif perfectly describes this entire fanbase
  8. lol but she is in many parts of bj, she was hired to do "background" vocals , in her original songs she doesnt sound like brit, but you can easily tell she could imitate britneys voice without a greater struggle
  9. queen of instagram? bleach has over 40 million Ashley Tisdale who has done literally nothing relevant since HSM has 4.3
  10. there were multiple vids of it on youtube before the official version was released tho, where did they all go?
  11. also the last time you'll ever see her touring
  12. 0, which is weird because all the huge stars come to Serbia because its the central point of this part of europe. Beyonce kicked off her last tour in Serbia, because ppl from the smaller lands around come to this country I have no idea why she picked Croatia instead of Serbia for the fat female tour, had she picked otherwise she would have sold the concert MUCH better
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