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  1. Do you honestly think britney would have the surgery back in 2002 and her kids and niece?
  2. To show how much I love her, I decided to upload this Full HD 60FPS Version of the Break the Ice in a better quality than the released one, took a few weeks to get it and with converting all of her MVs in 60fps to make this happen, Happy Birthday Britney
  3. me too, i made those Spears speakers myself from watching one of the performances, just need to add the lights and we got ourselves the ILRnR backdrop
  4. had the same thought about it too, looked like she just woke up to do this
  5. yeah that's the best i'll have to do, i managed to upload the audio though
  6. it cut it down from 4k to 1080p so i had to delete it
  7. not so good, i'm trying to convert them so i can edit the if im dancing interlude bc it got taken down
  8. Link will be posted once all videos are uploaded Previews
  9. I got the entire screen recorded if you like to add it here, i just gotta upload them
  10. Trust me, i got everything, here's a preview, this is from the new lens i mentioned
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