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  1. Happy Birthday POMNEY :3!

  2. happy birthday Stef.. I miss you :hug:

  3. Hey Uniland of the frolicking Britney Stans :D

  4. I still love POM though :moorangu:

  5. Perfume Happy B-Day, :hug: on a Sidenote YYYYASSSSSSSS OIDIA is still #1

  6. let's listen to Daydream :paper:

    1. POMNEY :3

      POMNEY :3

      Is it the one with Fantasy in it?

    2. Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

      Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

      :moorangu: estaba bromeando, pero sí :o
  7. Fanta Fanta No Coke so much cholesterol might cause a stroke!

  8. Thaks swettie your flawless

    1. GimmeOnyx


      Calling me sweaty huh? What a cute endearment

    2. POMNEY :3

      POMNEY :3

      yeah you reek of sweat??

  9. Hahaha! I like ur profile intro. Rolling on the ground as ur form of dancing and ur love for food killed me

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