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  1. actually no, I believe that would've been last tuesdays chart Charts go from Friday-Thursday and update the next Tuesday so its the full week.
  2. It's not that big of a deal no need to be so bitter we got the performance, she looked good and she still got the award, besides its the BBMAS.
  3. Myah Marie was first credited for Circus, and the theory is for Britney jean Blackout has nothing to do with this
  4. why is the sound so bad in all the clips she posts it feels so empty
  5. The radio loves selini #JusticeForMeAndTheRythm
  6. It's fine as long as she doesn't snub my country The last pop girl to come here was Katy Perry 1 year ago.
  7. Wasn't this announced months ago? Also Shame on Selena skipping Korea, and Taiwan
  8. *15 second instagram videos, Britney is generous and knows that clips longer than that length will slay us to death.
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