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  1. ugh.... let me see: very often: bread and milk or bread with butter or chesse not very often: pancakes, pasta, soup, meat, eggs, cereals, salad, pizza
  2. me! do you like aaron carter? http://anotherblogaboutaaroncarter.tumblr.com/
  3. your nose will get swollen and will hurt as fuck. seriously, go to the doctor.
  4. i think that you both have to share what both of you think and feel. and when he would tell you his feelings, please listen to him. it's good to know what the other one feels or think while you're in relationship. and make sure that he would listen to you as well when you would tell him how you feel. communication is one of main things when it comes to relationship beside true feelings for eachother and loyalty not just ''i love you'' you know. i don't want to judge, but if you are for REAL thing and if you REALLY love him, and if he loves you as well, you will try to work things out . but if you're for ''just 3 months relationship'' then... it's better to break-up, honestly. because loving someone is not the game where you can play with heart and feelings of someone else like a ball. and DO NOT ever allow anyone else to play with your heart and feelings like a ball as well.
  5. I keep trying to reply to your message and Uni keeps refreshing my page or displaying error. Gonna...lose...my mind -.-

    1. BritsBaby95


      aw.... that's bad :( it's ok i know you're at least alive :hug:

  6. i gotta agree with you both of them are handsome tbh
  7. i've heard a few things about the person behind the britneysbabies twitter account. but honestly, i don't think she knows that much about britney like the way she's been tweeting about her, her family and britney's kids as well.
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