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10 Things That Make Britney Spears Happy!


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Britney Spears Photos By Denise Truscello Las Vegas Nevada Sept 06 2014 2014

Its Britney Bitch!

Britney recently sent 10 things that make her the happiest to papermag.com.

Shortly after Britney Spears sent us the following list, she tweeted that her single "Oops!... I Did It Again" had just turned old enough to get a learner's permit. The pop survivor has packed a lot into her 33 years, and she shows no signs of slowing down: her Las Vegas residency, Britney: Piece of Me, is one of the hottest tickets on the strip; she recently launched a lingerie line, Intimate Britney Spears; and, if the photos she posts on Instagram are any indication, she seems to be blissfully in love. Here are 10 things that make her smile. It's Britney's Happy Ending, bitch.

1. My boys, of course!

2. Love

3. My daddy's cooking

4. A good sweaty run

5. Spa days

6. Freshly laundered sheets

7. The smell of roses

8. Beachy waves

9. A juicy romantic novel

10. Last but certainly not least... my fans!

What a perfect list! We love love love the last one! Thanks for sharing Britney!

Read it on our mainsite!

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OMYGOSH i love her list. i also love juicy romance novels ;) smell of roses (or any lovely flowers tbh) and im obsessed with healthy foods right now. i love natural herb teas grown myself, lots and lots of vegetables and seafood and i will forever be obsessed with spa and the beach. girly girl for life! 


but this list is just another proof of how amazing she is doing nowadays :excited::bow:  :crying1:

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