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  1. Here is a video I made of popular clip from Scary Movie of Brenda watching a horror movie - this time, she's watching Slumber Party [media]https://www.instagram.com/p/BPCO_uEjmUp/?taken-by=britney_reactions[/media] If you liked this one, please check my Britney account on Instagram! I do videos of Britney ''reacting'' to different relatable things I started doing them cause I always felt Britney is such a naturally funny person and other fanbases have a lot of great accounts like this, but Britney Army didn't. So I'm trying to do my best Here is the link to full account: https://www.instagram.com/britney_reactions/ Follow if you like! And comment which video is the funniest in your opinion. Thanks guys!
  2. I made my compilation too (after 2013 - 2015 one) ! I included her festival's performances of this year too!
  3. I tried making a trailer for a mixture of Eyes Wide Shut and Slumber Party! Hope you guys like it! Please leave comment if you like it or not!
  6. It's horrible how someone can have so much hate inside of them ...
  7. That is actually a great idea! She would totally crack up She's such a fun person and I think a "light-kind" interview like this would be a great thing for her.
  8. Wouldn't mind having TD on an album since it's so amazing Pretty Girls on the other hand ...
  9. Dead http://www.mtv.com/news/2889006/britney-spears-new-music-video-photo-questions/?xrs=_s.fb_main
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