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Aailiyah Vs Beyonce?


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Beyonce is only mega big because the #1 bitch Britney had her breadown and never promoted the same after, simple as.


Aaliyah would have been the top bitch in R&B and Beyonce wouldn't have got a look in, Aaliyah was literally about to dominate she was slaying the charts and the next album would have taken over the world an she was doing Matrix reloaded, it was set in stone. :crying1:

Beysic would still probably be in Destiny's child right now :4music:

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If Baby Angel was still living today :crying1: would she beat the living fuck out of Beyonce? Back in 1990s she slayed Beyonce... too bad she passed away :crying2: She was slaying harder than Britney tbh... 


Plus Aailyah stanned Britney <333 


Honestly she would be bigger than Beyonce and Rihanna combined 


No! Just No!

I grew up with Aaliyah! I won't let anyone put in on Beyonce's level or all those new noobs. Aaliyah, Britney, and Janet forever. Aaliyah had something in her voice that was so pure and sensual, just like Britney and Janet, not to mention what a great dancer she was. <3

(Sorry, Not yelling at you.. it's just I care a lot about Aaliyah)

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