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  1. I don't get it. Are we looking at her legs now?
  2. Stay Pressed newbies. At least 1999-2004 fans weren't delusional about Britney's faults. Thank god people like me experienced Primeney without you delusional "fans", or else she would have been a lazy flopstar who walked and waved her arms during BOMT tour, Opps, DWAD and OHT. :aww1: Keep defending her blindly for her mistakes. It's YOUR fault people make fun of britney.
  3. You would think her stans would apply this especially towards other users.
  4. Tell me about it Some people prefer to baby britney. I voted you up because you have every right to say what you think. This is a fan forum, not a blind stan forum.
  5. True, she doesn't deserve to be criticized but guess what? It comes with HER job. SHE CHOSE to be in the PUBLIC EYE. Yeah, it's not fair but she HAS to put up with it. She can learn other ways to manage it without dressing down. As for "today's popstars", I have no clue what popstars you're looking at but if you think they all dress so flashy, then you need to look at the rest of the popstars you're choosing to ignore. Britney chose a life in the public eye, she's not going to stop people from talking about her appearance no matter what she does. It's not like she dresses down once in a while. Us normal people also get looked at when we dress horribly and go outside. This doesn't just apply to her. Again, SHE CAN DRESS DECENTLY AND COMFORTABLY without looking frumpy. As for the original picture, yes.. she needs to let her stylists stop messing with her face.
  6. Hypocrite much? Britney wore a similar outfit many times. The "novel" was about you telling people to "get off Britney's dick". And btw, you're very lazy if you think that's a novel. And "spit up your water"? Yeah, i'm not surprised. . My whole post is about people like you being so defensive towards Britney. Anytime voices their opinion that's not similar to yours, they get attacked. Britney is frumpy for a popstar and she lets her so called stylists make a mess out of her when can look better than any girl walking down the street.
  7. You say this as if everyone is forcing britney to wear flashy clothes 24\7 and that she's always looking like a barbie doll. It's not like she's listening to us, or anyone else. She's been doing what she wants to do for 10+ years. Re-visit Chaotic, 2007 and Femme Fatale and even the majority of POM. Britney doesn't care about wearing decent clothes for the most part. She wants to constantly be comfortable 24\7 and picks out the ugliest clothes most of the time. That is a fact and you will deal. There are comfortable clothes out there that look decent. She's Britney F*cking Speas NOT BRITNEY FRUMPY SPEARS. She needs to stop downplaying her impact, success and appearance because she's trying to be "Natural". Hundreds of people tend to look and dress in a "natural" way in their everyday lives while still being comfortable and looking nice in their clothes. Nobody is asking her to wear a corset all the time and to cake on makeup. It's not EITHER she becomes as flashy as a chandelier OR dresses as frumpy as possible. There are other options out there! That's all we're saying. Anyway, as I said earlier.. We can only talk about this. It's not like she'll listen to us.
  8. Oh sweety.. What would I do without your valuable opinion? Please! Didn't Britney wear something similar to that in DWAD? And doesn't that shirt resemble the black shirt wore in her Boys video? Sit down. A lot of people wear stuff like this to hip hop class. The majority of britney's tour costumes look cheap and ugly on her. She deserves something WAY better. I was just saying that she should wear something that doesn't make her look like horrible especially since she has an amazing face and body.
  9. It doesn't even get the job done properly. She ends up looking like a mess most of the time because of her horrible stylists. Ugh! Why don't they give her something like this to wear, but with Black Pants: NOT THIS! SHE LOOKS LIKE A FARMER! She's the PRINCESS OF POP FOR GOD'S SAKE! This is BRITNEY SPEARS!
  10. Sometimes I wish Britney would take control of how she wants to look. It really baffles me how she little she cares about what makeup artists and wardorobe people make her wear. You know, Britney can look amazing when she wants to. I'm not saying she should cake on makeup or wear uncomfortable flashy clothes, but you know.. there are a lot of clothes that look beautiful and decent. She needs to take charge of her looks. We've seen britney out and about looking great without help from makeup artists. But ugh.. some of the people on her team have shit taste when it comes to her style.
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