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  1. I really hope she stays out of the social media for a while, because I don't want to see her reaction to this movement. It is bad already when it's the paparazzi and gossip magazines are talking about her private life, but her own fans doing that? It won't be easy for her (if this all a lie)
  2. This is one of my biggest issues with the fanbase. I understand we all want what's good for Britney (me included, obviously) but we have no right to be speculating on matters that we have no information of. Any document regarding Brit's mental health was sealed by the court as any of the documents regarding the conservatorship. When and if the time comes, Britney will speak.
  3. I actually love the merch, especially the mugs and the picture vinyl, even though I disagree with the fact it seems the B side it's going to be with the purple photo instead of the international cover. I didn't really expect much for the anniversary, but I would enjoy a cute MTV unplugged-like performance of the album
  4. My godness, how time flies! Can't believe it's been so long... It's funny to see that she still has the same face expression when she's laughing
  5. Aside from the Pittbull colaboration, I'm not very hopeful for some new music. Either she already finished the record and they're going to start promotion after the tour, or she's still recording it. If that's the case, then we won't have new music this year, since she's touring all summer
  6. Why would they do anything? If they didn't do a single thing for her four previous albums, why would 'Blackout' be any different?
  7. Wow! Everything looked so beautiful. Happy birthday, Britney! I wish someone would do something like this on my birthday
  8. So he's been bopping to 12 unreleased tracks for over a year and hasn't shared any of it?
  9. Just checked her website. They have absolutely nothing there anymore
  10. It was on her britney dot com website, so I have no idea if it's still there
  11. I remember they did something similar back in 2009 with Radar, but I don't recall if any remix was ever published
  12. She could be recording songs for a re-release. She doesn't really mention she's recording for a new album
  13. Well, if they didn't do anything for ...Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again, they sure as hell won't do for Britney
  14. I agree. She could perform every year, as far as I'm concerned
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