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  1. Wow! Everything looked so beautiful. Happy birthday, Britney! I wish someone would do something like this on my birthday
  2. So he's been bopping to 12 unreleased tracks for over a year and hasn't shared any of it?
  3. Just checked her website. They have absolutely nothing there anymore
  4. It was on her britney dot com website, so I have no idea if it's still there
  5. I remember they did something similar back in 2009 with Radar, but I don't recall if any remix was ever published
  6. She could be recording songs for a re-release. She doesn't really mention she's recording for a new album
  7. Well, if they didn't do anything for ...Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again, they sure as hell won't do for Britney
  8. I agree. She could perform every year, as far as I'm concerned
  9. I've been listening to that song a lot these days. The production and vocals are flawless. Brian and Josh really did some great tracks with Britney. I'd like them to work together
  10. #Iwashere since she was a schoolgirl in ...Baby One More Time
  11. Honestly, I'd prefer that. I'm not really into that whole insider stuff so I would really like if the single was none of those (if there is a single right now)
  12. I heard three seconds and decided to slap myself
  13. Sorry guys, the bonus track has to be Breathe On Me. Unless she does a deluxe edition with 5 bonus tracks from the past