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  1. Happy Birthday MadDennis!

  2. Exactly, and it was the easiest test ever!
  3. I officially love your mums guys, mine doesn't like Britney at all At least she likes a little bit of Madonna.
  4. I'd love to see her on Suits, she could be a hot lawyer who sleeps with Harvey How To Get Away With Murder, I just love that show, Shonda should bring Britney in
  5. I prefer the 3rd, the 2nd one is good too.
  6. It sucks At least it make sense now that Iggy first talked about it though.
  7. The only good thing about the BJ era is this photoshoot (and like 5 songs on BJ )
  8. That was so obvious, they didn't even try to hide it
  9. I'm crying with the video reactions I so want a new Britney song now, the hype is real
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