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  1. The male dancer forgot to help her with her legs. Just watch the bbma Performance. I think she was confused because of that. But for me it wasn't bad. I loved the Performance. I am angry because of some other people on other Website for blaming her not for being on point with every step she made
  2. You can clearly see that it wasn't her fault. The male dancer did the mistake! Stop overreacting or saying that she was lazy!! She wasn't. You could see that it was very hot in there! She did her best! I loved it!
  3. Where is the bbma toxic choreography???????? she needs to do this again!!!!!!!!! It was the best!! Please Britney skip this Vegas toxic choreography....... i am still watching bbma on vevo because of toxic
  4. Sorry but i do not think that any radio will play liar...i like the song but in my mind liar will end like criminal or perfume. Glory is such a good record. It should sell more..but it will not sell more with liar as second single.
  5. I think liar will be a huge flop it is not made for radio... I prefer slumber party
  6. She would announce a trip to europe on Twitter...not on Ellen. I am hoping for a tour in europe too...but i do not think that this will happen...Vegas is good for her and her kids!
  7. I know this will Never ever happen...but i would like to hear the full version of rebellion. This song is touching me so much every time i listen to the demo
  8. i pre-ordered the album...clumsy is available..but i cannot download the song???
  9. Larissa


    i am in shock right now....my boyfriend likes clumsy a lot... he isn´t a fan of britney. he doesn´t listen to music from britney. maybe clumsy can be a hit?? last song he liked from britney was s&s....
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