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Celebrity Haters Are So Pathetic


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They don't have proper arguments, 999999/100000 they don't even have more talent than the artist they're bashing has in their little finger, they're most of the times just unnecessarily making those comments



What is their point even?

They're the worst of the worst, yes, even worse than people who overly like an artist, because they at least have a proper reason to go and talk about the artist everywhere on the internet (though some of them aren't that much better than the haters, really, but still better)

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Lmfao!!! I'm picturing her doing just that :lmaolol::wahlykeomg::gloria:

What I'm about to write is highly offensive and should not be taken seriously by any group of people

She seems emo to be honest (no offense to all the actual emo people out there!)


I wonder if she really does hate herself in that sense  :aww1:

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