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  1. you just mad cuz my sig drives you crazy, but it feels all right baby thinkin of me keeps you up all night cuz Im nothin but a womanizer
  2. yours is the best flop opinion :bigsmile:
  3. well we wont get songs like em, bcuz ya know they're one of a kind (She'll Never Be Me reference) that's the point for her to be expressive and have unique songs that cannot be duplicated other popstars are stale cuz they recycle the same formula throughout their career but fine, everyone has their own opinions
  4. you made me proud, I was expecting a gif or a "tldr" but you don't find her voice sexy and her attitude unique there are no songs quite like them
  5. at least describe why ya don't like Early Mornin & The Hookup add to the conversation
  6. In that case I'd marry google Kill Mariah Fuck Kylie
  7. the worst kinda bey/gaga fan would also be hideously ugly, smelly, and too disgusting to be around also, if ya marry perez you'd have to spend time w her kill sam for sure I'd kill all 3 of my choices, and yours Kill, Marry, Fuck: - Hannah Spears - Lindsay Lohan at her worst - a Serial Killer who happens to look attractive
  8. my answer for all the celeb ones is Kill em All or actually, fuck em then kill em... so fuck, kill, marry: - perez - the worst kind of member of both little monster & beyhive - sam lutfi
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