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Pokémon Spears Thread!

Guest xCharming

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Guest xCharming

I don't know if its the right session to post it... so, if ins't.. some mod please, move to the right one... 


Today, its a very special day!


@@Pokémon Spears




is getting old guys! He came from exhell too, and he's a very huge fan/stan from a long time! Its a very nice member, beautiful, make amazing edits... and I think a lot of people in here know him and like him! So... I think he deserves a happy birthday thread! And I hope he spend many others birthdays with us on universe! 


So, happy birthday boy! Hope you enjoy your day! and I wish all happiness in this world for you! Hope you make all yours dreams come true! You can do it... X.O.X.O 




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Guest xCharming

Happy birthday to a flawless bae :happybirthday: stay fierce and cool and urban :kisskiss:


(someone should PM this to him cause he might not be on here today then he wouldnt see this thread)


I mentioned here in this thread... and pmed him with the link...  :yesplz:

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