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B Army
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Cambria last won the day on September 19 2014

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    Britnayyyy <3

    Stan since '99.

    Currently Stanning for: Femme Fatale & 2007ney.
    Favorite Brit songs :"Dont keep me waiting", "Thats Where You Take Me"

    Galaxy's Resident Britney Doll Expert
    50 Dolls & Counting.

    I think people who put Britney down are scumbags.

    Never going back to Exhell ;)
  1. I HATE when people try to talk crap about Britney in front of me. Like, dont talk about Religion, Politics, or Britney, unless theyre all positive things we can all agree on.
  2. People honestly dont suspect me being a Britney fan because of the way I dress, and the other music I listen to, but I make no effort to hide it
  3. Ive heard discolored and scarred. Id probably still hit it.
  4. I actually just started watching Jane just so Im caught up for this episode!!!!!
  5. Love her. Shes is our national treasure Oh btw I started putting on my mascara the way she does it in this clip on Chaotic, so pretty much Britney taught me how to do my makeup. haha
  6. Im just glad she performed with Michael at all, considering he didnt even like her at first
  7. I actually love this one too. We need to start looking for artsy fartsy pictures, theyre good for display.