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What Do You Eat For Dinner Most Days

ooh la la

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just being nosey/looking for ideas.this is some things I try fusilli brown pasta normal tomato pasta sauce with sprinkle of Dubliner cheddar on top.

then pasta bake in a casserole dish using macaroni shaped pasta mix in some sweetcorn sprinkle with Dubliner cheese.


then just normal dinner with veg chicken potato .


I do different type of mashed potato. one total favourite since childhood is frying rasher cut it into pieces mix it into mashed potato yum.another twist on mashed potatoes instead of putting butter on it on the plate mash in tomato ketchup another total fav.


an other is a sausage sandwich you get a sausage cut it in half put it on white bread in one layer put ketchup on top.


also I cook chicken pie with diced chicken make it like a Sheppard pie.I make the sauce with water lemon juice,tomato puree, sugar, balsamic vinegar bit of corn flour.


that's all I can think of now

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Im planning to buy everything I can when I go :D have you tried them already?

no, it is available online and is made by the same brand that made the circus tour lolipops :) they actually still make the same designs from then, except they dont have brits name on it 


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