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  1. I think the whole era was more Vegas related than Glory. She barely spoke about the album in her interviews
  2. Most of the shows they bring to other countries outside of the US don't have all of the elements from the original show. In this case, the FFT was almost three different shows in US, Europe and Latin America regarding the props they are able to carry with them. Sadly it's always for the worse, in Latin America the show lacked a lot of stuff that the original one had and it looked kinda basic (plus FFney was not really bringing her best).
  3. Omg I can't with you guys Is that like the show in the US where they have Raven Symone and the other women sitting in a round table?
  4. Yaaas! This is the closest thing we will have of the POM dvd finally
  5. Omg next thing we'll have someone obsessed with her toes But how can we blame them lol it's Britney.
  6. I actually like this Please Brinni do the whole choreo for WB. The UK need to be slayed.
  7. Her team is cheap Of course they are not going to pay for something like this.
  8. I think it was a contest made by Coca Cola to pick some people to dance with Britney on stage. This guys were dancers so of course they were going show off. But I also thought she waa singing live but no I reas that those were prerecorded lol.
  9. It's going to be POM Hope she slays the entire UK. Also hope the lipsync is well done (I've read that people there are very harsh on that aspect).
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