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  1. oh i love this underrated gem my dad loves it so i remember him blasting it in the car even during the blackout/circus era and we would bop together. beautiful video as well
  2. omg it looks so good and accurate i need ha in my game
  3. again? i didnt even get to use it so its officially done
  4. to everyone commenting on the songs instrumentals and production being 'shitty trap and non-melodic' that was the whole point. she was poking fun at all the stereotypes whilst embracing them. she knows people are gonna call it ghetto
  5. oh i didnt know bruno mars was going to be performing too... will the gp ever get tired of him gagie will do great and im kind of wishing it was her instead of bruno or atleast sometime soon with her as the lead
  6. yeah it has some bops and i obviously also like atleast some songs from bj too like alien, WB, perfume, passenger and the rest just has unbearable vocals/production or i dont remember their name
  7. might as well add BJ to the list i kind of like artpop
  8. love it and the video. important message. imo better than work and 7/11
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