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I Need Help! Please!

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I've had enough of being criticized every where I go. ATRL and FOTP nearly had me committing suicide. Not letting universe doing that to me. Just because I have strong opinions doesn't mean I'm stupid, or need to stop posting. Don't like me? Don't visit my threads. But if you're gonna sit there and judge me like a picture book like y'all forgot to read.... please by all means leave this site.


I thought this site was created for unity of all Britney fans from all around the world with different backgrounds and values. But we all need to be fucking open minded and sacrifice our values for others. No discriminating allowed here!


 fuck amy needs to fuck off. Oh because you haven't walked a mile in my shoe. You got no clue how I want to kill myself everyday. I hate the skin I'm in. Because I have different role models. Because I'm Stefani. 


I ENVY everybody. You know whats it like to never have a good childhood? No fucking peace, love and harmony? No dad? Be Scared of men? Scared of expressing sexuality? Scared of judgmental bitches? Spreading opinions? Scared of living? Scared of my own skin? No of course not, you know my name. Not my story. People call me fake for having a scary childhood. Shame on all of you judgmental bitches. 


Its better for me to be dead... :crying2: I Love you POMney! :crying2: 


POMney please dont worry about me... I know whats it like POMney... Being treated like shit everywhere you go, just because you werent perfect... 


This is why I'm a feminist, from nearly abuse from MEN! This is why I hate my own skin, you racist cunts! This is why I hate being selena, so I became STEFANI! I wish I never lost my dad :crying2:  



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