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  1. News

    Happy Birthday Fuego!

  2. We sure do, I'm so glad you're still around
  3. PUTO. it's Fuego. don't be a cunt
  4. That yes lol but the basics are VERY similar. AND although it's different you were able to understand "tu", "apprendre" and "français" don't lie bitch. yes.
  5. Qu'est ce que tu veux apprendre en français ? it should be a relatively easy task for you since you already speak Spanish, they're quite similar.
  6. studies lol, I started learning Spanish and starting January I will be taking French classes too to retain my French level, I miss you too, how have you been ?
  7. Fuego


    Soy Fuego, PUTO.
  8. WTF damn LOL did you live in Mexico too ? buy ? lol I can't even if I want to that's sweet, I like her voice tbh, will make sure to check it out
  9. Wait Puto OMG are you Argentinian or Spanish ? wtf I only love her, I have no idea about her new show I only know Hurricane and other songs she's so pretty
  10. LOL what ? You used to live in Eurovision ? Puto you wish, you already got Bridgit and I love her
  11. How in hell do you know Eurovision ? She's gorgeous and she's mine puto, can't believe we're like 15 miles apart
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