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  1. I fully acknowledge Barbra's success and never tried to belittle it? It's a huge achievement for her regardless of the ticket bundle or not. But you are here claiming "Oh my God, Barbra in her 70s outsold Britney who is in her 30s and that kinda says something OMG she's kinda over now isn't she?" when the matter of fact is that it's all down to clever marketing and politics. If the tables were turned and Britney did a ticket bundle for her world-tour that made her go #1, I would be happy too. But just a quick glance at Barbra's discography page and you can see that even she had a long period in her career when her albums didn't quite top the charts (1997-2009). And look at her now. It says a lot about where Britney is at her career? Yeah, twenty years into it and still outselling current pop acts, still topping charts in countries that she hasn't before (Italy) and still getting the highest chart peaks in years in others (UK, Germany). Just stop.
  2. Except... not really. Barbra was behind Britney on the counting chart by miles and her actual sales were so much lower UNTIL they included Barbra's sales from her tour ticket bundle. That gave her an enormous boost and shot her to #1. It's just clever marketing, nothing else. Britney Jean, at Britney's worst musically, sold 700K worldwide which gives me higher hopes for Glory. Is she going to pass a million sales mark in the US? no, she won't, but with streaming included we might actually cross one million sales worldwide this time around and isn't that exciting? The fact that Britney, twenty years into her career and without juicy ticket bundles, managed to outsell so many of the current and major acts like Meghan, Sia, Fifth Harmony, Selena, Demi is absolutely amazing. The industry isn't the same anymore, with a few exceptions for people like Adele, Taylor and Beyonce sales really aren't that high. Even Rihanna who is the worlds biggest pop star right now sold only like 55K more. This says a lot. Selling close to what Hillary Duff sells? on what fucking planet? Hillary sold 39K first week. Glory would've gone #1 on a quiet week and those numbers are extremely respectable. And your argument about Janet and Unbreakable selling more... really? Unbreakable was Janet's first record in almost 9 years and she hasn't released anything since 2008. It also came with an announcement of a worldtour. Sure there was going to be more hype and anticipation. Britney was coming off a shit album and shit single (Pretty Girls) when going into Glory era yet it only sold 1K less... so honestly, this comparison is unnecessary.
  3. Do You Wanna Come Over? is not being considered for the second single, none of the album pre-order tracks are. At least not for now. You can close this thread now.
  4. The song has certainly reached its peak on the radio but it's not being heavily dropped just yet. Today's update was only -12 spins so it's going to stay in the Top 25 for another two weeks or so. While the song is in the Top 50 on POP, there's no chance in hell that the radio will even touch or consider another Britney song. With increased digital sales due to Carpool Karaoke, VMAs and album release, steady radio and increased streaming, the song might actually go back to the Top 20 on the Hot 100 for another week. No point in killing it just yet just to push out another single which won't get all the support it can get at the moment anyway.
  5. What's the point of releasing the second single when Make Me is still stable in the Top 30 and is still somehow holding onto the Top 20 on pop radio? If they were to release the next single already, it would get no support from the radio because they're still playing Make Me and it would only waste Make Me's remaining potential. The VMAs are the song's last change to rebound and let's not forget that this performance will be two days after the album release - people will be cherry picking songs and mainly buying the lead single. Nick Jonas' Close peaked during the week of his album release. Make Me needs all the push it can get, especially with the radio on board as they're awaiting the iHeart performance. It's not a 'wasted opportunity', you are just not thinking logically.
  6. Confirmed fake. Its by some Kpop band.
  7. BritneyChina confirmed it's the second track on the physical release.
  8. It's #2 on the CD. Her team is so messy.
  9. She's not dropping the second single before or at the VMAs so that's not even a factor towards first week sales...?
  10. 50K in additional sales... half of what Britney Jean managed to pull... all because of one performance? That shows how badly you overestimate its impact.
  11. You realise that Revival - with huge smash singles - only pulled 85K first week in pure sales? I know I shouldn't compare Britney to Selena but sadly in the current climate we have to be realistic. You are all setting yourself up for disappointment if you think she can top Britney Jean first week sales, general sales have decreased heavily since 2013. Even Rihanna's ANTI only did 166K first week and she's the biggest star on the planet right now and Work was sitting comfortably at #1 by then. 35K in preorders? Where did you read that? Sounds like something made up by a fan. The Suicide Squad soundtrack is holding strong with their singles currently smashing iTunes so I'm assuming they'll remain steady around 100K by the time Britney's album is out, still enough to top it. Let's not even start on Florida Georgia Line cause they're unbeatable. I think we all heavily overestimate the impact that the VMA's and Carpool will have on album sales. Sure, it'll help but let's not act like it'll pull in additional 30K in sales for it.
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