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Halloween Thread

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So Halloween is just around the corner and i thought I'd just ask some questions also if you want post some scary, funny, cool things in here to get into the mood! :P

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm so excited!!!

What are y'all gonna dress up as? (You're never too old to dress up so don't give me that :zoomzoom: face :frenchy: ) I'm going as spiderman cuz I have to work probably so we can dress up at work, but it has to be PG/G cuz we get lots of kids that come in :tbh:

What are y'all gonna be doing? I might be working or going to a Halloween party :D

What do you do to get into the mood? ;) (not like that you thirsty sluts :trollney: ) I usually watch scary movies and buy tons of candy cuz Then i have an excuse to eat my feelings! :crying1:

Feel free to leave any extra things I may have missed :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! :fyea:

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