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main page Happy 15Th Anniversary To "lucky" Music Video! @britneyspears

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This is a story about a girl named Lucky…

On this day Britney Spears released her music video "Lucky" from her iconic second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again. The music video was directed by Dave Meyers.

The video begins with Britney telling a story about a very famous Hollywood actress named Lucky. Lucky is seen wearing a pink nightgown behind the curtains, standing on her billboard with fluffy white cotton balls attached to the edges, inside her mansion and shots of her out on the balcony. As beautiful and rich as she is, on set she sits on the star-shape in the sky, as she is acting, she is looking quite distressed. After the first chorus, she goes to the hotel mansion to the flowers, then she leaves and sits down and gets a mirror.

Next, Lucky opens the door to reveal a handsome man, who then takes her in his arms, as the director yells "Cut! We've got it". Lucky then walks off-set into the studio as grandpa's room, replying to the director: "Finally! We've done it fifty-million times!" She then goes to have her hair and makeup done; with Spears standing unnoticed and very worried looking by her side. Lucky is then seen in a shiny gray evening gown at the Academy Awards accepting her award for Best Actress. Lucky looks happy as she accepts it and smiles at her fans, Best actress, and the winner is Lucky! but is soon revealed that this is not true happiness. She makes her way away from her screaming fans and back into her limo, where she unexpectedly finds an ornate hand mirror that was used on the film set. She looks back to the crowd to see who has left it and sees Spears leaning forward in the crowd. The limo drives away, leaving Spears behind on the red carpet. The video ends with Lucky crying herself to sleep, her make-up already stained on her face. The curtains close, ending the video.

 A writer of Rolling Stone said that "Lucky" is best known for "being the first Spears video to focus on what would become a recurring theme: her conflicted relationship to fame".

Be sure to be blasting "Lucky" in our cars today to support the anniversary today!

Happy 15th anniversary


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