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  1. MTE! It's not even a bad music video ffs
  2. The music video is not what we thought it would be and lots of fans are disappointed but this is a really important moment in her career and she's trying to do things the right way. She took a year and a half to record a solid album that from what we've heard seems to be very promosing and which she seems to be very proud of and she's promoting. IHeart Radio, Carpool Karaoke, new songs on Vegas setlist, maybe VMA's and there may be more to come. She doesn't deserve to flop Make Me's sales on iTunes increased thanks to the album pre-order, radio is still supporting and now if we stream the music video we would help a lot to make it rise on the Hot 100. Please stream on Spotify and play the music video.. Don't even watch it, just play it; the more views it gets, the best. On a completely different note, we got adorableney and hotney.. Stop complaining so much
  3. Keep playing the music video.. Don't watch it just play it
  4. Make Me is a great song and it doesn't deserve to flop. The music video might not be what everyone expected but we've got cuteney and hotney and if we want Make Me to have the success it deserves we have to stream the damn video
  5. I like it. The "make me come alive" reminds me of an 80's singer and I blast every time she says "private shoooow" For whatever reason it reminded me of Xtina's Back To Basics and that's a good thing
  7. Are you always this positive or just right after good news are announced?
  8. Toy Sodier - Sugarfall Everybody - State Of Grace Gimme More remix - Anything tbh
  9. I LOVE THIS ALBUM! My favorite keeps changing currently I'm loving Get Naked and Perfect Lover
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