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I Need An Honest Advice....

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So i know this is a forum britney blah blah, but sometimes you find some anwsers in unexpected places you know... i'll be short.. cuz i knew we all hate long threads


I'm a 21 y.o who has only dated or had a relationship with one guy, right now we are dating and we got back together 5 months ago (after a year of dating) ... to make it short we broke up cuz he didn't feel happy anymore he meet someone else and well that's pretty much it... but stuff happend and we are back.


Anyways, this 5 months have been an emotional roller coaster, i think we had our ups and downs, lately, most of the time we hang out we are cool , and i have a great time, but when we are not together sometimes is messy tbh....... the thing i want to do is like to really talk to him... about what?

  • Sometimes i feel he dosen't care

  • sometimes i feel he uses me 

  • Sometimes i feel he is interesed in someone else (cought him on hornet) (wa allready talked but i don't feel satisfied about our talk)

  • sometimes i feel he is not sweet, he is cold and seems bored with me sometimes

  • he like srsly nevers says something sweet to me or anything.. everytime i send him a sweet message he replies shortly or doesen't

i know yall might say.. but when we are together most of the times he is nice and we have a good time


i really want to talk to him.... but tbh i'm scared... cuz we talked before but i never say what i want t, he is really clever, cuz he hate having a fight (but thats waht we need) he always attacks me with, that i don't understand him, i alllready told him that, he doesn't wanna fight, he has no time for drama too much sterss, and i always like can't say what i really want because i'm scared


but enough is enough i really want to fight/talk/argue but idk what to do........


i do kinda brake up but i don't want to is soo damn sad.... why? cuz i know i can get someone better but i fear of beeing alone, that no one will ever notice me idk 




sorry i know this is irrelevant as fuck but typing this made me feel better or at least thing  :4music:  :smokeney:  :notimeforu:

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