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If you could replace some of the POM costumes

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Post them here!


Sidenote: I have no idea how the setlist is arranged since I haven't watched the full show online since like the first year it premiered. So these are just costume ideas based off songs she performs at POM.


I love the Work Bitch opening outfit (the black one she wore on New Years and the sexy green one), but I feel like she needs something super grand and over the top for the opening.




If U Seek Amy:



Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand



Till The World Ends:



Post what you would like to see her wear, if you had any control lol.


I'll update if I find anything new or whatevs!


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While these choices are beautiful, I think they're too similar to what she's already wearing. Britney needs to return to her classic Britney style: crop tops, corsets, jeans, pants, etc!

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Am I the only one who likes leotards? They are so "in" and totally fierce, and now she can actually pull them off since her bod has been hot for like 2 years now. I just don't like BRITNEY'S leotards. J.Lo, Madonna and others usually have such nice ones. I can't imagine Brit rocking her 2003 stage style in 2018. :dontlike:

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I mean, I guess she could perform in something like this and still look modern, but to me, it looks more like a promotional/interview outfit.



Slayed by this though (if the chest area wasn't see-through).


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Neon section needs something like this. a lil "club/urban" as britney would say 



me against the music section needs something like this (remove the jacket when she goes behind those walls for no reason: images-1.jpg.0a88a2fa41509533e167db8f67bdcf48.jpg


the slave 4 u section needs something like this 



circus section needs to be scrapped or reworked as a whole. 


jungle section needs somethign like this with more green tones its uch a callback to her garden onyx hotel look if you think about it 



as far as the work bitch and baby one more time sectiosn they just need the original revamp outfits in my opinion 

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