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  1. I’m truly shocked there was only one person who has even mentioned this. Toxic is heavily supported by Cathy Dennis. Even her earlier work, during the glorious early aughts when it seemed that every bubblegum pop song was supported by a choir in the back. Heck, listen to Stronger vs Stronger from POM, the lack of Max Martin and his choir makes it sound super fresh and different. even He About to Lose Me, the background singers basically sing the entire chorus. I think all all the controversy came from the fact that they did they same thing they were doing for years, but did it with a backup singer who does impersonations of our girl, mixed with reaaaaally bad production. It’s almost a dream of mine that the entire album’s multitracks would leak and an extremely talented fan (I.e. the one who did Bare) would redo the entire album. It wouldn’t completely fix the vocal’s bad production, but at least it would hide the album’s other atrocities. Britney Jean is an extremely low point in Britney’s career. Sure, it is also the same era that launched her EXTREMELY successful Vegas residency, but it also brought her most criticized album. She’s since given us one of the best album’s since she’s started and it’s inevitable that she’ll top herself again and again. Let’s move past this era. Appreciate it for what it was, and focus on her current and future eras.
  2. I’ve seen the show twice in Vegas. The shows been criticized since it started. Regardless, it’s truly a spectacle. Sure it’s not as massive as TCSBS but it’s still great to see. Being there in person whilst surrounded by thousands of fans is an amazing feeling. It’s not fair to judge the whole show from the few videos that have been posted. I’ve seen pics/vids of the tour, and while it’s extremely scaled down from Vegas, I know it’s still a grand time.
  3. I couldn’t full understand the interview because of the quality. What did she say about new remixes?
  4. Red Hot Lipstick mmm papi (feat. Luis fonsi) Radar (Circus version) Chillin with you (feat. Bryan Spears)
  5. I just recently relistened to Femme Fatale. One of my favorite albums, but I hate to admit that it really hasn’t aged well. 2011 was like the start of the dubstep/EDM craze and it lasted for a LONG time. I think i might not care for the album as much now because I’m just really burnt out from the sound of it. Regardless, it’s a very cohesive and fun album. I think it’s her last album that was solid 100% bubblegum pop. With that being said, Glory has taken over as my favorite album. It beat Blackout for me, and I LOVE that album. It’d be interesting if Britney went with current pop standards today and did a solid album of just that, like she did with Femme Fatale.
  6. We been knew this sis but yeah cringe I guess. its still happening lmao
  7. I thought the song was gonna be released on Circus, but was kept out for Phonography. Then it was gonna be on The Singles Collection, but they opted for 3. Then Gaga got the track and wanted to feature Britney (we have this version), but Britney and her team decided against it. Thats the story as far as I know. Aside from producing the track, I can see how this back and forth could’ve been stressful for Gaga as well.
  8. Dragon Man Mix? I'm listening to that version. It's cool, but it's not the version from the show. Unless she's changing it for the show, which I highly doubt. Did I just pay $50 for a greatest hits album and Glory? lol
  9. I'll Never Stop Loving You i legit want that song played at my wedding
  10. I think it's a tempo thing. The songs sounds faster paced when she says turn turn it up they did it in the hit-boy remix
  11. i cant at all of you being like "zOMGGGgg sO SHADY!!1 is BRITTANY even aware??" they're getting all these rumors and putting them into the game to make fun of them. the kim k game did the same thing. stop being so serious and learn to laugh.
  12. Wasn't Outta My Head meant for Femme Fatale? At least that's when I first heard it. I remember hearing it and being told it was for her album in 2010. I wish she would've done this song :/
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