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  1. OK but sorry, which bitch that came out around the time Britney did could release a video like this? NO ONE. She has such a history, she left such a mark on the industry that only Britney could release something like this in 2011 with all her old iconic videos playing in the backround and for the music video to make sense. She was already an icon and a legend by the Circus era, so imagine by 2011. QUEEN!
  2. Although I would love for her to have a few more. I don't know why but I'm just such a Britney stan! I love her facial expressions, her sexney vocals, etc etc. She will always be my fav. I love when she has the mic in this video and looks like Pepsiney and is working the camera like primeney. Omgz. This girl has serious charisma and there is something very special about her.
  3. I am so proud of her and how far she's come with her anxiety. She wasn't nervous at all! And wow, I wasn't expecting an interview at all.
  4. Omg... I am dying. I can't believe Britney loves the song too. OMG. I am fanboying. I wanna go to her Vegas show in 2019 and make my own version of a Heaven On Earth t-shirt and tell her it's her most flawless song and see what she says. I don't care about her team! I am so curious as to what she would say. It's such a diamond in the dust track imo.
  5. Heaven On Earth. But I wouldn't went them to ruin it and re-do the song. Just keep it as is. And release it as the final single from the album. I'd die. State Of Grace too. I would literally get a heart attack. Tell Me (Am I a Sinner?) would be a good candidate to re-work and re-do with a different, more current sound. I think that would be cool. Clearly I love a lot of her unreleased stuff. But wow am I annoyed how she never released Heaven On Earth as a single for Blackout. But she was kind of going through a lot at that time. But ugh, one of my all-time favorites from Britney for sure. I even would have accepted a video where she doesn't appear at all.
  6. "Rework the show?" No way. I pray her team is not lazy enough to rework that played out show. There should be a brand new show, brand new stage/set, brand new costumes, new songs and a new name. "Britney: 20 Years of Hits" Anything but Piece Of Me.
  7. Apart of me wishes for If I'm Dancing to be added, another part of me doesn't because I'm scared they will ruin it with the lackluster choreography
  8. They have incredible stamina and are able to push their physical bodies to extremes if they wish, they can easily transform their bodies through working out extensively and can develop obsessions with their physical body but can just as easily let go only to push themselves again. They can recover from extremities or injuries rapidly, Pluto is regeneration and these people can regenerate like nobodies business. This is often the placement seen of the " comeback" because at some point in their lives they may experience a fall from grace, usually due to compulsive reactions when hurt, which the sudden outbursts or behaviors through rage can leave them feeling ashamed or embarrassed when the dust settles. When they're mad they're very mad, which cause many problems because of lack of self-control. Britney Spears has this placement and she has had her fall, and then her rise or comeback. Pluto in the First House gives a very noticeable and attractive but also mysterious and even dark personality to those individuals as the First House is the House of self. Free Spirited Mind gives an excellent explanation about it: “The First House signifies what someone IS. This means, that the body, the mind and the behaviour of the native are largely influenced by this house and any planet or mathematical point that is positioned inside it.” Therefore, here Pluto gives a very strong Plutonian energy to the individual, making them intense, dark and mysterious. Those people have very dominating and powerful eyes and a piercing gaze that cannot remain unnoticed.
  9. How can someone be so absolutely gorgeous? And I know many fans don't like the fillers and botox, but you guys have to admit, in-between the Circus era (and after) her skin aged drastically. And then it went downhill from there. So I'd rather see the botox and fillers then some of those X Factor red carpet pictures with her wrinkles and stuff. But that's just me. The lip injections can go though, but whatevs. AND OMG Britney's penetrating Pluto in the 1st House eyes. I have that placement too. It's so hard to deal with but your eyes look fierce with it.
  10. It was. It has like 800+ million views. I have a feeling the new Pitbull and Marc Anthony collab with Queeney will slay us and give us a summer smash.
  11. These sales are unacceptable for so-called "Queen Bey." Where is the Beyhive? Her core fans should have purchased the album even if they hated it, it has Beyonce on it. This just goes to show you that without the media shoving her overrated ass down people's throats, no one cares. I feel like her next solo album is gonna do awful compared to BEYONCE and Lemonade. We need to step up when Britney drops her next single/album and atleast pull in 120K pure sales. But she's gonna need a really strong hit single for that.
  12. I'm so happy for her. I heard it had better first week sales then Lotus which was released years ago, so good for her. I have not purchased the album but I want to to support her and get it. I wish her streams were better.
  13. It was a huge hit and has huge views! I see what you're saying but I still pray it's a "cool" club banger type of song that the straights will eat up too