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  1. With the 20 year anniversary of BOMT, she could do sooo much with a new residency. A whole new show. With a story and a theme that basically shows the ups and downs of her career. Think HIAM video theme but in a show with a whole new stage, costumes and distinctive theme based off her career and life with a lot of theatrics and special effects and cool props and lighting. A big production. Lucky would be performed at some point in the show, right after the show theatrically shows her sudden rise to success. It would be performed DWAD style. No heavy choreography. Walking down the catwalk in victory waving to everyone, confetti falling, balloons everywhere, chorus playing, good vibes, happy moments, then Britney removes her robe and hands it off to an assistant at the end of the cat walk, lays down on a bed that takes her under the stage as the lights begin to dim and flicker and the instrumental fades. The stage lighting becomes dark and evil, the props are quickly exchanged by the dancers, the "ooh-ah ah ah" dark vocals from Gimme More play to this evil, dark instrumental, "it's the way that I wanna live, you can't tell me what to do," Britney's My Prerogative vocals in the backround, smoke rising up the dark stage, the heavy sounds of thunder going, red lightning in the backround, then complete darkness and silence for 5 seconds... Britney slowly comes up from the top of the stage as the instrumental for Baby Boy begins to play. Britney is dressed in a similar outfit as the Blackout album cover, hat and all. The stage is simple and dark with one light on Britney standing there in the sexy mini tutu dress and slutty panty hose, posing with a blinged out standing mic (which will be off obviously). YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. I could produce a whole Britney show y'all. It would be so dramatic and lavish and not just a concert but an actual thrilling show. Lord during her "meltdown/trouble in the public eye" performance she'd be tied to a harness and doing all kinds of hectic jumping, flips, etc apart of the choreography as her dancers are dressed in black spy costumes trying to get her with pyros and explosions and shiz going on. There would be a part in the show where the dancers are doing some kind of african dark voodoo type of dancing, with rain falling, they are dressed in jungle outfits, next thing you know these people carry out Britney on a wooden throne and she's rocking some sort of high-fashion jungle-themed outfit with a wooden/stick gold tiara. Then they bring her down gently and she starts slaying that Slave choreography. In the breakdown section of the show there would even be a set with Britney in a room (think of Madonna's Girl Gone Wild tour production), and it's kind of like a cheap hotel room, Britney is laying on the bed on her back with her legs crossed seductively, some old school 90's movie is playing on an old school television showing an intense love scene, Britney turns it off with the remote control and seconds later the phone rings? Ring, ring, ring... Britney sits up and answers. BAM. Phonography starts playing. Britney starts sexually grinding on the bed, a half nude male dancer comes out from under the bed, they do sexy Onyx hotel style slutty choreography! YAS. let me produce the next Britney show plz.
  2. Amazing steal! And congrats! I've been looking for a signed photograph of Britney too, particularly framed, but they are so expensive and many are signed on photographs I despise. I want a fierce, primeney photoshoot pic that is either black and white or super muted/gray/not colorful. It needs to match my flawless room.
  3. I get that vibe too, like she wasn't involved at all, they picked the tracks, the theme, told her what she'll sing, etc. It was a perfect example of a label putting out a product. But I still like it. I'm not in love with it but it's a good pop album. The production is great too. It sounds "clean." Circus, If U Seek Amy, Phonography, Amnesia, Shattered Glass, Quicksand, Blur, etc. It had it's highlights.
  4. I mean, at the end of the day, who cares what they think? But yeah, not sure what happened in that era but like I said, I strongly believe she is not singing lead for like 75% of the album. It's truly disappointing.
  5. I can't even lie. I was sooo judgmental of her in the past and her performances and stuff, but then I got diagnosed with social anxiety and bipolar disorder and now she's my hero. People CAN'T even imagine what it's like and trying to perform and meet strangers/fans and stuff. She truly is soo strong because God knows I could do not do it, especially with my rapid mood changes. I used to take dancing classes as a kid and I was pretty fluid and great, I even helped the instructor teach some of the newer dancers, but after you take those pills they make you feel very numb and they make you over-think everything. Like when I dance now, I don't get "lost in the moment," I am always over-thinking everything and it is awful and has effected my movement. When I'm drunk and loose, then I am the dancer I used to be. Anyway, random and too much info, but yeah, I relate to Brit in that aspect.
  6. Without it being ruined by Myah Marie. Sorry but I am 100% convinced she is singing 75% of the album (with Britney in the backround at some points, or the lead for 25% of the parts). I still bought the album so I have all Britney albums but it makes me so mad and annoyed. What a horrid area. I know people really shit on the Glory era but there have been times where she looked like a barbie, truly tried her best on stage and really gave it her all. Britney Jean was awful. Femme Fatale had some cool moments but most of it was horrible due to her mental illness, which I can relate with since I am also bipolar. Overall I feel like people are being so tough on her, even if she isn't dancing like she used to, I can tell she is truly trying and bringing energy and strutting everywhere. Sometimes I feel like the people hating are new fans? There were points during the Circus and FF era's where she just literally walked through performances. When she was good for Circus, she was GOOD, but the majority of it unfortunately was very bad. She is really trying now. And even taking care of her bod. Unfortunately she is not the performer she is but that's mental illness and you guys have to give her a break! /drunkenrantover
  7. I just can't even believe a tragic song like Work Bitch has become such a staple for my queen Once she drops her new album and starts a new residency, I hope she'll be done with it for good As for Till The World Ends, that song would even make God proud
  8. It truly is! I hope she performs it again for her next residency, and I pray it gets some decent choreography. The song has so much personality and sass. She could do so much with it.
  9. The fans voted for it on her official website. I wanted Shattered Glass, Out From Under or one of her bonus tracks. But I was sooo wrong. if U Seek Amy was the perfect choice, looking at the comments on the YouTube video, the controversy surrounding the chorus, the FLAWLESS choreography... It is perfection. I was so wrong! I see posts about people being like "omg after 9 years I finally get it!" And "iconic!" Anyway, what a flawless single, flawless video and the best choreography we saw from Britney ALL throughout the Circus era! I know Circus (the single) had some amazing choreography but it was cut to pieces and messed up, but in If U Seek Amy she is dancing with so much passion and energy, her outfit is flawless, her hair is on fleek, ugh, this is like the last time I saw "true Britney." IF U SEEK AMY IS FLAWLESS! And the Circus tour performance of it shits on any performance she's done since. The charisma, the facial expressions, the fierceness, no awkward moments, UGH! FLAWLESS
  10. She is has definitely overcome a lot of her demons and is finally genuinely happy. It's been a long struggle for her.
  11. I mean, I guess she could perform in something like this and still look modern, but to me, it looks more like a promotional/interview outfit. Slayed by this though (if the chest area wasn't see-through).
  12. Am I the only one who likes leotards? They are so "in" and totally fierce, and now she can actually pull them off since her bod has been hot for like 2 years now. I just don't like BRITNEY'S leotards. J.Lo, Madonna and others usually have such nice ones. I can't imagine Brit rocking her 2003 stage style in 2018.
  13. I really want to buy the M&G tickets because obviously she's going back to Vegas, and I'm going to be there in October. I just think my crazy personality and being like "oh my gosh Britney, I love Someday I Will Understand because it has such an incredible message about life" and all this stuff would get me in trouble with her team.