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  1. Unless that judge is corrupt, there's no way Jamie is winning this court showdown Britney isn't asking for anything that is unreasonable Jamie needs to F off
  2. I always felt the conservatorship was fraudulent. It never should have went on for more then a year. I'm worried that once Britney is free from her father and his team, she'll be trapped by this huge company in another conservatorship. I don't think she minds someone managing her money but the control over her life is something she clearly does not want nor need. Getting out of one bad situation and landing yourself into another one would be awful. I just wish Britney was able to hire her OWN lawyer. A lawyer that isn't chosen by her team.
  3. I'm not surprised. I always suspected she wanted out. I'm happy she's taking steps to free herself.
  4. There's a special place in hell for people who are this evil
  5. I think it's super suspicious that they released an album and took her on tour a year after her breakdown. You could tell during the Circus tour that Britney wasn't into it, walking through the set/choreography, being pushed around the stage, etc. And I don't even want to talk about how unhappy she seemed during the Femme Fatale era. Conservatorships are for people who are severely mentally ill. There is no way Britney Spears is severely mentally ill and able to do all that she does. She has been controlled all of her life and I think it's only fair that now she gets to live life the way she wants to and make mistakes and bad choices if she wants to do that. Many people make mistakes and bad choices and have the freedom to do so. Many people suffer from social anxiety, Bipolar disorder, personality disorders, etc and are not in conservatorships.
  6. I'm happy about this. Finally some sort of movement, some kind of progress. I do feel like a lot of the conspiracy videos about Britney being in danger and symbolically asking for help are ridiculous and take away from the actual importance of the #FreeBritney movement. Financially and emotionally taking advantage of people in conservatorships is not a foreign topic. It's happened before. If Britney is truly as ill as they try to make it seem then they never should have pushed her back into the spotlight as soon as they did. I also think it's really transparent that TMZ decides to release a story about Britney being "mentally ill" as soon as any kind of pro Free Britney article comes out. It's so annoying.
  7. She was giving me life in the IG vid with the blue top And queen wearing a crown That's how it's done
  8. I'm not sure. If you're that passionate about it, then I would. I know certain companies cancel orders that are suspiciously large. I know Jeffree Star Cosmetics prohibits "bulk buying," orders like that are automatically cancelled. It's nice to know that a few companies have measures to prevent stuff like re-selling from happening but many companies need to catch up. It really is unfair and annoying.
  9. Lipstickney Post a "ney"
  10. Which artist would you pick to put out a song w/Britney if the option were up to you? I'd want Lady Gaga or Jay Z
  11. Damn, just Googled them. They are expensive. There should be a limit of 2 per customer when it comes to albums/vinyls so it gives everybody a chance to buy The people who buy product or tickets in bulk with the intention to re-sell them at a higher price are disgusting
  12. Not really. I'd want Britney to do her Superbowl set solo, she's obviously had a career worthy of that. But if that were the only way to get her on the Superbowl halftime show, then I'd be fine w/it. I like Christina Aguilera.
  13. Her showing off her midriff is such a classic and iconic "Britney thing"
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