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  1. Please watch these videos before judging. Please spread them. Please do whatever you can. Do not stay ignorant. Even if you don't believe it, if you love Britney, you will speak up, all over social media, anywhere and everywhere you can. Even if you have the slightest idea it's true. Her freedom is on the line. And if we're wrong, atleast this was bought up. But trust me, I know this is correct for a fact. I cannot speak on my sources. Please do what you can.
  2. (find ALL the parts and watch them, please, for Britney, if you love her!!!)
  3. Keep talking about it everywhere guys. Spread it on social media. But thank god people are not the same puppets they used to be years ago. People are seeing the world, the government and the corrupt people for who and what they are. Things like this happen to powerful, rich, influential people all the time - whether it's blackmail or gosh knows what to get to their money. Britney is gonna be free, thank God. I feel it. Justice will eventually be served. It's over.
  4. Her skin looks way better then in the past, even though she looks tired. A lot of her wrinkles seemed to have disappeared! And of course they would let her out on Easter, there is way too much bad publicity. Also, why would they retract their official statement that Britney herself wanted to get help? And then changed the reasoning and claimed she was "close to death." Anyone who wasn't born yesterday can clearly see there is a very serious problem that needs to be investigated. There are plenty of people and celebrities with bipolar disorder and all kinds of anxiety and other mental issues. That doesn't qualify them for a conservatorship. This was supposed to be a one year thing or something but then they milked it and took complete advantage of it once they saw the $$$ Britney was making them. There is absolutely no reason why someone who could promote, work, learn choreography, do shows, tour, take care of two children half the time and keep a relationship afloat. And if she really IS in such a bad mental place that she does genuinely need to be in a conservatorship, then she should not be working as much as she does and we all know she doesn't want to since she looks depressed asf in interviews and claims she hates them herself. So if she is so mentally fragile why would they put so much stress on her and make her do radio interviews and shit? Shouldn't they be looking out for her well-being? Something is wrong and they're about to get exposed by August. Quote me if you want. I know many people don't believe in Astrology but Britney's personal planets have been being hit like crazy for a few months now and will continue to be until the 11th August and until Saturn leaves Capricorn. She will be free, you all will see and she will talk about this down the line.
  5. Also, if you love Britney as a fan and as a supporter, you will scream this from the rooftops all over social media whether you believe the accusations of her team or not. We cannot take this lightly. Any fan will get a sense that there is something severely wrong! And even if there isn't, I feel like she doesn't have a voice and this conservatorship NEEDS to be investigated. These recent developments are super fishy too.
  6. Of the conservatorship She is literally a human slave and I have no doubts about it. The whole situation is fishy and awful and she has been censored so many times. Ugh, I love Brit and she is my idol and such a strong woman. I don't care about music, I don't care about her career, I pray, pray, pray and hope this blows up and gets major mainstream media coverage. I just want her to be free, enjoy her money, be happy, love her kids, love a man, live her life. This is so sad and crazy. If there is anything we can do to spread the message, please let me know.
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