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  1. She was giving me life in the IG vid with the blue top And queen wearing a crown That's how it's done
  2. I'm not sure. If you're that passionate about it, then I would. I know certain companies cancel orders that are suspiciously large. I know Jeffree Star Cosmetics prohibits "bulk buying," orders like that are automatically cancelled. It's nice to know that a few companies have measures to prevent stuff like re-selling from happening but many companies need to catch up. It really is unfair and annoying.
  3. Lipstickney Post a "ney"
  4. Which artist would you pick to put out a song w/Britney if the option were up to you? I'd want Lady Gaga or Jay Z
  5. Damn, just Googled them. They are expensive. There should be a limit of 2 per customer when it comes to albums/vinyls so it gives everybody a chance to buy The people who buy product or tickets in bulk with the intention to re-sell them at a higher price are disgusting
  6. Not really. I'd want Britney to do her Superbowl set solo, she's obviously had a career worthy of that. But if that were the only way to get her on the Superbowl halftime show, then I'd be fine w/it. I like Christina Aguilera.
  7. Her showing off her midriff is such a classic and iconic "Britney thing"
  8. Oh wow, my mistake! Didn't know fans were paying celebrities to say this stuff. Wouldn't have made a thread had I'd known. But wow, some fans are super crazy. And lowkey hilarious. Wow. Britney fans never fail to surprise me.
  9. I stream Mood Ring every day first thing in zee morning
  10. The public misses her! We all do!
  11. This is so exciting! #JUSTICEFORMOODRING They should film a video at Brit's house and release it as a single!
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