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  1. Social media and YouTube have been a huge help in-terms of coverage on the conservatorship. People are waking up. Britney has a huge cult following I've noticed, the gays and people who grew up with her are still very much interested in Brit and are genuinely rooting for her. But that sucks about Finland, I feel like Britney doesn't get the recognition she deserves for the impact she made on pop music and pop culture. In North America Britney is recognized for her contributions, even if she gets a lot of bad press and in some ways is underappreciated, but foreign countries don't seem to get her legacy. I think it's because they're not wrapped up in celebrities and pop culture like people tend to be in North America. I think Brit will ultimately make a huge comeback with some awesome, door-opening album down the line. I don't think she's "done" in-terms of success as an artist. She will regain her popularity in Europe and other places that don't recognize her as a legend. I can really see her having her Ray Of Light moment. She just needs to get out of the conservatorship. Her taste and creativity for music is still there imo.
  2. It's such a trap they have her in. They deemed her too "unfit" to have her own lawyer/representative under the conservatorship which means the only people who have direct contact with the courts are people Britney's team assigned to her. And why would they fight for Britney if they were hired by Team Britney? It's like a no way out kind of situation. Britney should have the right to choose her own lawyer and fight the conservatorship if she wishes, which I think she does, she's dropped a few hints on social media. I highly, highly doubt she wants to be under a conservatorship. She wasn't happy in For The Record about the "restraints" she's under so I doubt she is happy today. Her driving with Sam last year seemed like an act out of rebellion.
  3. I'm really, really rooting for her to get out of the conservatorship. It looks like there might be hope. But it must be so tough, with so many powerful people in control of her. Does she even have a right to her own lawyer? Probably not. But I doubt Britney will give up until she's free. This conservatorship has gone on for way too long and she has already proven to be a stable, well-adjusted adult. It's a little ridiculous at this point. Learn choreography for shows, promote around the world, perform, release a lingerie line, record albums - that sounds like a lot of work for someone who fits the criteria of being so ill they need to be under a conservatorship. I'm just glad this whole situation is getting tons of press because either way, the conservatorship needs to be investigated. Nothing adds up. And to me, it just sounds like they're taking advantage of her for financial gain.
  4. She looks ahhhmazing. She is aging backwards.
  5. Wow, I find that crazy. Britney is not textbook smart but she's really people smart in my opinion. She has a lot of social anxiety and is very private but behind the scenes she's a whole different person imo. She doesn't know her true personality/character to the GP like the person above mentioned. Remember the days when she was all super sweet and soft-spoken and super kind in every interview? And then during the ITZ era and during Chaotic we got to see who she really was? Britney keeps a lot of things hidden and she plays a character infront of the general public. A lot of people do, but I notice this a lot with Southern people especially because of their upbringing and being taught to be polite. They're super polite and respectful around strangers but then they have the real them which only family and people close to them get to see. Britney used to write some amazing and deep poetry on her website, some of the material we got to hear on her scrapped album Original Doll had serious meaning and showed awareness about herself. She went to radio herself and premiered Mona Lisa on KISS-FM without her management/labels permission. Britney is not stupid or weak. Most people would have killed themselves if they were humiliated numerous times infront of the whole world, mocked, laughed at, judged, labeled crazy, had pictures of their privates plastered all around the internet, got labeled a horrible mother and then being an adult and being treated and controlled like a child with serious freedom limitations for over a decade. The level of mental anguish Brit endured literally made her develop social anxiety! A social, bright, funny, fiery girl becoming all awkward and shy infront of the world because of the level of trauma she had to endure. And she's still surviving. She's gotten more comfortable in public situations throughout the years. She has stayed fit for a long time. She did more interviews and felt more comfortable in the Glory era then she ever has since 2008. She is very, very strong. I personally believe that it's inevitable that she gets freed from her conservatorship and you will be shocked at the kind of material she will release. The only reason Britney has been flopping is because she has none to very little control of her work and Britney MADE Britney Spears. Not her management. Her BOMT music video idea launched that song into becoming a phenomenon. She wanted to be dancing and performing. She wanted to dress the way she dressed. She pushed for Toxic to be a single and came up with the video concept. She wanted to release My Prerogative when people were judging her. Even recently, she contacted Giorgio Moroder and wanted to re-make Tom's Diner which is literally (to me) her best work in a very, very long time. Britney knows herself and knows who she is as an artist but she has been restricted, dealing with the hard parts of life and not fully expressing herself. Britney will make the kind of comeback we've been waiting for since 2008! You will see! With Pluto in the 1st house, you have an intense gaze and powerful persona, and you’re intensely aware of yourself. You will quite often have a powerful impact on other people – but may also alienate them. Drawing on your own depth of determination and commitment, something within you is demanding that you find new ways to express yourself. Throughout life, you experience a rebirth of raw potential, will-power, and a restructuring of your personality. In your possession there is an unlimited inner strength and energy that overwhelms everything, so you can be quite a potent force for change, growth, and healing in the world. Dramatic changes in your life direction will be reflected in changes of hairstyle, clothing and even relationships. It will particularly reveal itself in the expression of your physical appearance and identity, for there is a deep intensity of self-expression, which tends to go to extremes and it can make more moderate souls feel uneasy. http://theastrologyplacemembership.com/2014/08/pluto-in-1st-house/
  6. Astrologically Britney Spears has her planet Pluto in the 1st House. We cannot be contained/controlled after we want a chapter to end. When we want change, we fight like no other placement to bring transformation about. She is definitely rebellious and no pun intended, but not that innocent. This does sound like Britney. And I hope she does express her struggles with the conservatorship and being overly-controlled in her music once she has the artistic freedom to do so and my bet is she most likely will! This all sounds believable if you guys have kept up with Britney throughout the years and weren't blinded by the good girl image. Aquarius Moon gives her a rebellious spirit, too.
  7. i am not alllloneeee i can still feel you ICONIC
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