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  1. Keep talking about it everywhere guys. Spread it on social media. But thank god people are not the same puppets they used to be years ago. People are seeing the world, the government and the corrupt people for who and what they are. Things like this happen to powerful, rich, influential people all the time - whether it's blackmail or gosh knows what to get to their money. Britney is gonna be free, thank God. I feel it. Justice will eventually be served. It's over.
  2. Her skin looks way better then in the past, even though she looks tired. A lot of her wrinkles seemed to have disappeared! And of course they would let her out on Easter, there is way too much bad publicity. Also, why would they retract their official statement that Britney herself wanted to get help? And then changed the reasoning and claimed she was "close to death." Anyone who wasn't born yesterday can clearly see there is a very serious problem that needs to be investigated. There are plenty of people and celebrities with bipolar disorder and all kinds of anxiety and other mental issues. That doesn't qualify them for a conservatorship. This was supposed to be a one year thing or something but then they milked it and took complete advantage of it once they saw the $$$ Britney was making them. There is absolutely no reason why someone who could promote, work, learn choreography, do shows, tour, take care of two children half the time and keep a relationship afloat. And if she really IS in such a bad mental place that she does genuinely need to be in a conservatorship, then she should not be working as much as she does and we all know she doesn't want to since she looks depressed asf in interviews and claims she hates them herself. So if she is so mentally fragile why would they put so much stress on her and make her do radio interviews and shit? Shouldn't they be looking out for her well-being? Something is wrong and they're about to get exposed by August. Quote me if you want. I know many people don't believe in Astrology but Britney's personal planets have been being hit like crazy for a few months now and will continue to be until the 11th August and until Saturn leaves Capricorn. She will be free, you all will see and she will talk about this down the line.
  3. Also, if you love Britney as a fan and as a supporter, you will scream this from the rooftops all over social media whether you believe the accusations of her team or not. We cannot take this lightly. Any fan will get a sense that there is something severely wrong! And even if there isn't, I feel like she doesn't have a voice and this conservatorship NEEDS to be investigated. These recent developments are super fishy too.
  4. Of the conservatorship She is literally a human slave and I have no doubts about it. The whole situation is fishy and awful and she has been censored so many times. Ugh, I love Brit and she is my idol and such a strong woman. I don't care about music, I don't care about her career, I pray, pray, pray and hope this blows up and gets major mainstream media coverage. I just want her to be free, enjoy her money, be happy, love her kids, love a man, live her life. This is so sad and crazy. If there is anything we can do to spread the message, please let me know.
  5. So I am pretty much pop for life lmfao! I don't know why. But my taste is so pop. Like pop, pop, pop! I can't help it. I know that even though there's ALWAYS going to be a place for that super catchy pop hit (Sweet But Psycho), the general public is kind of bored of that with Britney and are expecting something different. I also feel like right now she has a better chance with something "a little bit more urban" (her words lol) compared to going the pop route. Most stuff on the radio kind of has this urban feel to it anyway. I mean, it's not 2009-2013 anymore. There has been a complete transformation in what is considered "hot" and what gets played on the radio in the last few years. Katy couldn't transition with the times and fell off the map (although Britney will always be different because she has such a strong core fanbase due to her impact on pop culture. Katy Perry? Not so much. She was just a generic radio friendly pop star who flopped miserably when the sound she put out was over and done with.) Britney has to evolve, grow and adjust! In-terms of vocals and production (minus Private Show where she sounds like a squealing chipmunk), Glory was definitely a step in the right direction! Although many people love it, for me it was kind of bland, a little outdated for the time it came out in and there was nothing really "special" about it that gave it that "Britney edge" like her past albums had (Blackout, ITZ, even Britney). And on Femme Fatale, they did something different with the lead single having that dubstep breakdown and the video being a reflection of her career. I honestly think something super sexy with like an innuendo and "urban" sound would be sooooo perfect. Something like this for the first single. NO FEATURES.
  6. I agree about the dancing. For me, she hasn't been able to dance better or perform anything better to the way she slayed If U Seek Amy in the video and on tour. She KILLED that choreography. And her facial expressions served so much sass and aliveness. Can't even explain it. Her charisma really shined with that performance. I just posted this performance in-terms of like... If the most her team plan to do for some performances is the mess we got for If U Seek Amy at POM then they might as well hide it with some tricks and props like they do here.
  7. This is such a good example of how to hide mediocre/meh dancing with a solid production, flattering choreography and just the way everything is set up to make her look as good as possible! The props are incredible too. And people may not like this outfit but I am obsessed with it and it is super flattering on her figure. Honestly, to me, that army dress situation looks like she could even wear it today on stage and it would "work" for a theme like this and wouldn't look outdated at all. And to be honest, I could pick out better tour outfits for her from asos then some of the shit she wore for POM. I also think incorporating little things like the pre-recorded "sound off" situation they did here before going into the next song adds a cool touch and they could do something like that for Stronger in one of the performances. Just make the show more "put together" plz.
  8. I see it here to be honest. Her eyes, even though very large and alert here, they do look "dead." I think it's because she has been through so much. The eyes are the window to the soul. She has literally been through hell. This was a very upbeat, kind of crazy, hyper girl lol, like watch the ITZ documentaries people (if you haven't already). The breakdown and all she endured truly sucked the life out of her. It is tragic if you really think deep into it. But yeah, good picture, point proven - although I don't see many pictures of her with such dead eyes! Sometimes she just has really awkward looking eyes because she is forcing a smile with an uncomfortable, awkward facial expression.
  9. I think that is a super observant way of looking at it. And maybe right? I know I suffered with social anxiety for many years, like horrible, worst then Britney because I would feel way too awkward making eye contact with strangers, so I wore sunglasses everywhere. But yeah, when you have social anxiety and you're in a large crowd of people, or in Britney's case, infront of a bunch of crazy lights on a red carpet with people like in your face taking photographs of you, you are VERY much in your head the whole time and it can be like an out of body experience when the anxiety gets super intense. Anyway, just my thoughts. For Brit maybe it's the meds. I've been on quite a few meds on and off throughout the years and never had vacant eyes.
  10. Can anyone show me pictures of Britney when she has "dead eyes" compared to when they're normal? People always say this but I rarely ever notice it. I noticed during the Femme Fatale era that her eyelids would droop a little and she'd look a little tired sometimes or have dead eyes but overall I don't really get it. I feel like sometimes Britney has super INTENSE eyes. Penetrating even.
  11. Am I the only one who was beyond happy when they announced her canning Domination? lolz. Especially after reading Larry's interview about "no plans to release any new music in the near future" but to focus on the new Vegas show. Bye bitch. Even if the routines were slightly better and the costumes were fiercer, let's face it, it would have been a slightly better (or who knows, maybe even WORST) version of POM. It was WAY too early for her to start a new residency and it was a clear-cut money move by her team. They probably thought they could get away with Britney doing another half-assed residency and putting together some sloppy ass album consisting of rushed tracks by the last half of the show or whatever... Or maybe not even an album, just a single or two that would flop and put an actual album on hold for another few months. If it wasn't for Britney's dad being so sick, this would have been the reality! Like someone else said in here, it truly is a blessing in disguise for her career. Hopefully they don't rush things now. Put that stupid show on hold, fucking cancel it for all I care. Let her focus on her family and when she's ready, get to the studio and start putting an album together. I don't know much about this Justin Tranter guy but from what I do know, he is generic as hell, but I am hoping for great things, or really ANYTHING of quality. Even if something is not your taste, you can still appreciate it if it was done with quality. Anyway, I am ranting. But yes, hopefully nothing is rushed now. GIVE US A CONCEPT ALBUM, AN INTERESTING ALBUM, GIVE US THE SEX BOPS TOO, GIVE US A CONCEPT SHOW, I WANNA SEE DANCERS IN BIRD CAGES HANGING ABOVE BRITNEY WITH FIRE ON STAGE AND BRINNY ELEVATED ON THE STAGE. I WANNA SEE IMAGERY, FLAWLESSNESS, TOP OF THE LINE STAGE PROPS, OUTFITS, CHOREOGRAPHY CAN BE WEAK FOR ALL I CARE AS LONG AS BRITNEY IS NOT DOING MOVES THAT LOOK UNFLATTERING AND STIFF! Now it is the time to take shit seriously and really focus on her shit. Her team needs to stop touching themselves over a Vegas show pay cheque and rush her into another residency just because they want the $$$$ now. No one was even buying tix to the fricking show! Anyway, hopefully they step up now.
  12. With the 20 year anniversary of BOMT, she could do sooo much with a new residency. A whole new show. With a story and a theme that basically shows the ups and downs of her career. Think HIAM video theme but in a show with a whole new stage, costumes and distinctive theme based off her career and life with a lot of theatrics and special effects and cool props and lighting. A big production. Lucky would be performed at some point in the show, right after the show theatrically shows her sudden rise to success. It would be performed DWAD style. No heavy choreography. Walking down the catwalk in victory waving to everyone, confetti falling, balloons everywhere, chorus playing, good vibes, happy moments, then Britney removes her robe and hands it off to an assistant at the end of the cat walk, lays down on a bed that takes her under the stage as the lights begin to dim and flicker and the instrumental fades. The stage lighting becomes dark and evil, the props are quickly exchanged by the dancers, the "ooh-ah ah ah" dark vocals from Gimme More play to this evil, dark instrumental, "it's the way that I wanna live, you can't tell me what to do," Britney's My Prerogative vocals in the backround, smoke rising up the dark stage, the heavy sounds of thunder going, red lightning in the backround, then complete darkness and silence for 5 seconds... Britney slowly comes up from the top of the stage as the instrumental for Baby Boy begins to play. Britney is dressed in a similar outfit as the Blackout album cover, hat and all. The stage is simple and dark with one light on Britney standing there in the sexy mini tutu dress and slutty panty hose, posing with a blinged out standing mic (which will be off obviously). YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. I could produce a whole Britney show y'all. It would be so dramatic and lavish and not just a concert but an actual thrilling show. Lord during her "meltdown/trouble in the public eye" performance she'd be tied to a harness and doing all kinds of hectic jumping, flips, etc apart of the choreography as her dancers are dressed in black spy costumes trying to get her with pyros and explosions and shiz going on. There would be a part in the show where the dancers are doing some kind of african dark voodoo type of dancing, with rain falling, they are dressed in jungle outfits, next thing you know these people carry out Britney on a wooden throne and she's rocking some sort of high-fashion jungle-themed outfit with a wooden/stick gold tiara. Then they bring her down gently and she starts slaying that Slave choreography. In the breakdown section of the show there would even be a set with Britney in a room (think of Madonna's Girl Gone Wild tour production), and it's kind of like a cheap hotel room, Britney is laying on the bed on her back with her legs crossed seductively, some old school 90's movie is playing on an old school television showing an intense love scene, Britney turns it off with the remote control and seconds later the phone rings? Ring, ring, ring... Britney sits up and answers. BAM. Phonography starts playing. Britney starts sexually grinding on the bed, a half nude male dancer comes out from under the bed, they do sexy Onyx hotel style slutty choreography! YAS. let me produce the next Britney show plz.
  13. Amazing steal! And congrats! I've been looking for a signed photograph of Britney too, particularly framed, but they are so expensive and many are signed on photographs I despise. I want a fierce, primeney photoshoot pic that is either black and white or super muted/gray/not colorful. It needs to match my flawless room.