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  1. I saw Ariana on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago and her album is basically done. Max could help Britney make a HUGE comeback!
  2. I think the same way. Britney + Max tracks I noticed are what I listen to the most. I don't care if people think they are generic, they are soooo good to me.
  4. And proof of her album sales and stuff? I am arguing with a cunt and I need all the links I can get. Ty xoxoxox
  5. I don't care if she does or doesn't. I loved her for her fierce performances. I don't even care if the choreography is complex or not, I just want to see the fire that made me fall in love with her again. That fierce look on her face, the way she would strut forwards and execute moves, etc. But I'll support her either way.
  6. Post here whatever you're listening to at the moment. Right now I'm listening to P!nk's Who Knew. I think it's her best work ever. And I heard she wrote it about a friend who died from an overdose. Hits really close to home since I've had some addiction issues. But wow, what a beautiful song.
  7. How the hell is Sam a year younger then me and looks like a man and I look like a 16 year old. smh
  8. In my opinion. She could still rock many of these today and they would still be considered "in" and not outdated looking. I also thought the Circus music video's outfits were out of this world incredible, stunning, "vintage glamour" looking, expensive and just flawless. And can we talk about the outfit for the GH's album cover? Jesus Christ. It is so fierce and flawless. Not sure what my obsession with feathers are but yeah lol. Was never a fan of fur but oh my god feathers And I think this one from the Circus MV is like my all-time favorite Britney outfit. Oh my gosh this vintage, Circusy showgirl gold bodysuit from the video was LIFE too. And oh my gosh, do you guys remember this accessory she wore for the Get Naked performance at the Circus tour? It looks like it's attached to her waist corset and it just flows behind her like a poofy skirt looking thing. And the material looks so good. I am so obsessed with it. She looks like a gothic, dark, vixen bitch and I am here for it. Ugh, looking at some of this stuff makes me hate a lot of her current outfits lol.
  9. Is visiting from the US. I think she has a crush on me. I finally revealed to her that I am gay and now she is all quiet. I think she wanted me to be with her? But I am the gayest bastard ever, oh my god, women are so delusional to gayness. So I told her and now she's all quiet. This is random but I wanted y'all to know. xoxoxoxoxo
  10. Well hay man, good for you, but these mother fuckers are bathing in millions. I'd rather pay for my Starbucks and my alcohol then pay to these millionaires trying to get sympathy for not getting an extra few millions. Bye bitches. Plus their music is trash. If I truly love something like Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, Taylor Swift's 1989 or Britney's albums I'll pay for it. If not, they can fuck off.
  11. I never pay for music unless it's Britney albums and singles to support my queen. These hoes like Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Taylor and whatever crying because people are not buying their music or paying for subscriptions can wipe their tears with the millions they get from tours, merchandise sales, endorsements, ads, etc. Like bye Felicia. The audacity a few years ago of Jay Z and his celebrity friends promoting Tidal and asking people to pay whatever amount of money for his stupid streaming site can GTFO.
  12. Heaven On Earth is fucking iconic. It deserved so much more! So happy to see so many of you guys appreciating that flawless track! Hmm, this is kind of a wild card but I think "Scary" from the Japanese deluxe version of Femme Fatale was sooooooo misused by Team Britney. Like wow. That could have been a top 10 smash hit with longevity. Criminal kind of killed the era though, blah. Inside Out not being released was a shame too. Femme Fatale era could have had even MORE longevity, but it was still a very successful era.
  13. I hope he's being honest and not just egging Britney fans on, so many producers/writers tend to do this and I don't understand why. If he really is working on something for her then the post makes sense... But if he's not, why not just say "not sure if new Britney music is coming. I haven't been contacted." He better not be lying! But ugh, I honestly can't imagine waiting for new Britney music until next year. That would suck but I think that's the most realistic time frame for another release. Would be so cool if she dropped a moody, Unusual You type of song for September or October though. I'll keep dreaming.
  14. What are some things you do as a Britney fan? Lol I always read the comments on articles about Britney like on the Daily Mail or whatever and then I'll respond to the really bad hate comments. I also sometimes do this on Perez Hilton. Oh and on YouTube I'm always responding to hate comments about Britney and dragging hoes! Lmfao I can't help it, like I legit get triggered and have to reply. Whenever a new Britney song or music video comes out, I always post it on Facebook! So all my franz see it and I hope I get likes.