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Confirmed: Britney Spears Cancelled Friday And Saturday #pieceofme Shows


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We were holding off to post this because we did not know if the rumors were true but its looks like it is confirmed that Britney cancelled her shows this Friday and Saturday for piece of me due to her ankle. Two fans waited four months to see their Queen until they found out their show was cancelled. Take a look below:



So sad.

Then there is confirmation that Britney's doctor said she needs these couple of days to REST to get better:

"Britney injured her ankle during her performance Wednesday evening and her doctor has advised her not to perform Friday and Saturday evening so that she may heal,"

Everyone please keep Britney in your thoughts and also keep sending her positive vibes so she will have a  speedy recovery. Get well soon Britney. You are stronger then yesterday!

We love you!

Read it on our mainsite!
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