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  1. It is kinda out of place on the album IMO, but I still love it! It's like "She'll Never Be Me" 1.5
  2. For a while, this was the most played song from FF in my library I love it
  3. Brunette/Red head Britney will ALWAYS be iconic. She killed it during that time. Even better than now sometimes IMO!
  4. Slay my life 2017ney. May your reign be long and just
  5. Blackout makes me not feel bad about my hoe tendencies
  6. All we can do is keep staning, and pray for that first win!
  7. Underrated Queens. They save k-pop everytime they comeback. Can't believe they've been slept on this long!
  8. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting... But I'm here now! I just wanted to say hi! I haven't been on here in over a year, but I've got more time, and I'm gonna try to be more active!
  9. I love the track, but it sounds like Private Show 2.0. Like she sung it in alower key and they pitched it up. The whole song sounds like it minus like 3-4 parts...
  10. Private Show and Invitation... For obvious reasons
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