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First thing's first: Make me a mod. :imfab:


After that, make @Kurapira a mod :uhhuh:


And now the real ish starts:


  • Given the fact how little team B cares about Britney's legacy (maybe even Britney herself), we should be the ones in charge of promoting her upcoming singles. Like, ask Moroder and Iggy just to see if they spill any more details about their songs and stuff :no1curr2:
  • We should make some kind of contest or some sh¡t like that, or a meet up or create a KIK group so we can chat with each other and unite as a fanbase and cute stuff like that :mhm: [and trade n00dz :bj: ]
  • Although it may sound desperate, but we should promote Britney's old stuff too. Like, make TBT and FBF on all social media promoting the Circus Tour or the Onyx Hotel Tour, or even random stuff like Britney drinking two starbucks at the same time. :no1curr:
  • We should also promote the fans, like, make the mainpage a place to share fan stuff, like videos of them singing, dancing or even those fanmade remixes and videos, so that the mainpage is more active instead of just focusing on the [non-existent] things Britney does besides her shows. :pieceofwhat:
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... get people to leak stuff just to create traffic, you know? :yakno:

And I think that's it. Flawless ideas be flawless. :dealwithit:

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

1. We need a theme that SLAYS. I'll be happy to make one now that I have some time :ooyeah: I just need the exact measurements. Can I have the measurements to the like an alien theme? but also it should the margin should be like v magizineney layout

Things the theme should include:

-a britney cursor

-moving background like sparkles or snow flakes falling


2. Make me an admin :ooyeah:


3. Profile pics should be bigger, not in terms of the max size and mb but when you post it should be more noticeable


4. The background behind the profile pics needs to GO. it needs to be replaced with one from the actual site, like a default one that I'd luv3 to make as well :ooyeah:


5. Galaxy should look simple but chic something like this for example, but Britney as the margin and the background ofc and not so nature and boring like just fiercney like :P


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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

I would like to chat with one of the admins about the theme if that's okey :)

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

@Gá´É´ Fʀᴇᴇᴄs! No to the sprakles and britney mouse pointer!

Also grids is not a thing we are going to do in that way ;)

@ I'm going to look for new mobile theme that has that function!


awwww the britney mouse cursor should be like the B that beyonce stole :zoomzoom: but aww whatever :idc:

the shoutbox on mobile is would be totally awesome though :D

can I have the measurements for like an alien theme though?  :neyde:

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MAKE YOUR LINKS LARGER ON THE MAIN PAGE.:shake::)  ESPECIALLY POLLS TO VOTE - THE FONT IS TINY . IT'S HARD TO SPOT IT AND FIND WHERE IT'S AT! i think this will also bring in more votes that way. PLEASE!!! pleaaseee. ive been dying for this to happen. that's it! other than that, it's flawless (but like someone mentioned, a kik group so we can all have fun interracting with other fans. it's so isolating here) 

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I think you guys should promote Universe through BG social networks more often.(Like in every post, tweet, IG... end up with something like "Don't forget to comment it in Universe"...)
You guys are making an AMAZING job with the site & forum but I'm agree with other users about Universe needing more live...

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