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Artist To Discover-Emina Jahovic

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Guest blehh

Hello guys, we (me and forever) know it's been a while, and we know we shouldn't have kept you waiting, but we're here now. 
And we want to show you an amazing new artist to discover whose music we consider amazingly good and flawless!

Meet, Emina Jahovic

Emina Jahovic is a Serbian artist/songwriter , she was born on January 15, 1982 . She's been musically educated her entire life, and she started her career when she was 20. She got married to a very famous Turkish artist, Mustafa Sandal, and is a sister of a very famous Basketball player, Mirsad Jahovic. Emina Jahovic is quite popular in all of the countries of ex Yugoslavia (it fell apart in the 90's) and pretty much very famous all around southeastern and central Europe. She's been a judge in the Serbian version of the X-factor , and also in the Voice of Turkey. She comes from a wealthy family of doctors, her mother is a pediatritian and her father was a cardio surgent who was well know in the entire country. She also tried herself in competing for Eurovision. Emina has her line of perfumes and some make up products. Needless to say, she as a HUGE Britney stan and some of her prime songs were influenced by Britney. Emina is a fighter for female rights and a proud feminist.  She is being titled as the Princess of music all around Southeastern Europe, and many sources claim Emina to be extremelly humble and down to earth. Mostly her citizens because according to them, whenever she comes back to visit her birth-city, she walks around the streets as she never even became famous greeting all of her lovely fellow citizens! (Does this remind you of anyone ya'll? ;)

Ok enough of chit chat , let's start showing off this woman's awesome songs! 

First we will begin with her latest single, "Ne plasim se" Which means "I am not afraid" 

The song (and the mv) is dedicated to all the women who are abused by their husbands, or were some time in their life Don't get the views confuse you, the music video has been re-uploaded twice (nobody knows why) . 

She is also very influenced by J.lo. and her music, which you can see in this flawless song of hers.

The title, translated means "You are with her again"

And it would be wrong not to mention this song too.

The title means " If I could" 

This is one of the songs from her last album, Forever demanded this one to be specially added! Can't say I disagreed, the song is flawless ;) 

Translation , "Asking about you" 

Emina is also influenced by japanese and turkish music (since the day she met her now-to-be husband) which gave us a very good single. 

Translation , "Fairy" , the lyrics are very touchy ,if anyone is interested in knowing the translation ,feel free to ask in the comments :) 

And last (but not least) , a song with her loving husband (in turkish).

Translation, "Take a picture and send it" , Thank you once again Forever, I ofc am :flop: at turkish :embarrassed: 

So that would be all! We hope you like our new artist to discover. And remember, the language of the music is UNIVERSAL. You don't need to speak the language , in order to love the music. Let the music speak to your hearts for itself.

Special credits to my gorgeous FOREVER, he made this thread along with me , we are slaying this teamwork together. 

And of course, in case that you know some artists (from any country it doesn't matter at all) that you think deserves more credit and is very good at what he/she does, please do let us know in the comments! We will be more than happy to consider! :) 

Up until next time! 

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