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  1. Ertoot you're on unverse wat

  2. Happy Birthday forever!

  3. "There she is Britney Spears, Queen of Pop!" i see no lies gosh i love this photoshoot!!
  4. OMG!!! I really like this photoshoot and all the attention that she's getting I really cant wait for the new single&album.. 2015ney here to slay everybody left and right btw ur new sig! HOT!!
  5. how flop of you ok let me now if you come across to him again, you made me curious
  6. delusion here is still at the maximum level i see MADONNAGU pls it was just a break #brintyteas With hew? jk luv timbits yeah im here to slay
  7. so you basically used us to get compliments :MGLOL:
  8. @@GlenCoco so i randomly remembered this thread and what happened to it ? Where are my points? :bigsmile:
  9. Wow wasnt expecting something like that from her, she really is a big fan You go Charli she has really good songs