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Her next album could be her best

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She had more input with Glory and it definitely had that "Britney vibe" to it that all of her albums lacked since her comeback. I actually liked Circus and Femme Fatale but wasn't a fan of Britney Jean, but they still sounded super commercial and definitely like a big team of corporate people put them together or something. Glory sounded more.... Like the songs had a vibe and they were more authentic and less commercial, not that commercial can't be authentic but yah! It's hard to explain. But with Britney seeming to gain more creative control with her music since Glory, I am genuinely excited for when she decides to get back into the studio and see what she and producers and writers can come up with. I feel like Britney's best work is usually always when she's behind it. She has good instincts and a good ear for music when they allow her to express herself. I am excited for the next album! :oya:


Any kind of particular sound or direction you want for a future album? Honestly, "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish had this cool, sexy vibe that would have sooooo fit Britney perfectly. I want whisperney to make a comeback for the next album.


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