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  1. I wonder if took a private plane there. But at least she don’t have to be alone.
  2. She looks great and she sure does know how to stay strong.
  3. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes her posts are real head scratchers, lol, like is what she posted even possible??
  4. That’s sweet and she looks great but of course “those” fans even wanna turn this negative.
  5. They wanted that spring break money. I’m in Philly, government is handling things well imo, although some of the citizens still think they’re invincible. At the end of the day, all the blame goes to the president, that orange doofus knew about this since January and kept treating it like it was nothing.
  6. As long as the beach wasn’t like the ones in Florida, she’s good, it’s just infuriating how many people aren’t taking this shit seriously!!
  7. Nice but I was kinda thinking it be a bit more personal, like instructional but I still appreciate it, I just hope it’s an old video, there are already too many idiots still out on beaches.
  8. That’s nice and she looks good in the vid.
  9. I’m at the point where I feel they should all be beat into a coma, maybe then she’ll get a break from the hate but that’s not realistic so they should just shut off comments. Getting hate from obvious haters is one thing but getting it from people who claim to be fans must hurt like hell. The constant conspiracy theories and also pointing out of inconsistencies does nothing to help Britney, freebritney fans circulating this shit is what brings it to the attention of the media who go and report it for the rest of the world!! Lastly, to judge somebody’s mental health over some Instagram posts is itself unhinged, just shut the fuck up already!!! Edited to add: Also, are fans who are making a big deal out of her “I’ve never worn a white bathing suit” comment not aware that bathing suits come in many styles, she’s been pictured wearing white BIKINIS but never a ONE PIECE like she was wearing in the Instagram, in fact I don’t recall seeing a pic of her in a one piece throughout her whole career. So it’s extremely possible when she said bathing suit she meant a one piece, stop jumpIng at the chance to turn stuff into a conspiracy, instead use your head, it’s that lump three feet above your ass!!!
  10. I’m guilty of being on my phone a lot, if I’m at home by myself, I’ll be watching tv and on my phone, like I am right now typing this, lol, but I also know when to put it down. Nothing annoys me more than being out to eat with someone and they’re picking up their phone every 5 minutes. Smartphones were a genius invention, I could never go back to being without one, you’ve got everything right at the tip of your hands. I’m horrible at math, so it’s nice to have a calculator right there if I need one, I’m also navigationally challenged and can’t read a map for shit, so voice gps is a miracle, lol, you can also keep in touch with people u don’t see ever day or find people who share your interests, like all of us, no one in my real life wants to spend hours talking Britney, lol, the problem is when it becomes an addiction, I mean the fact that there are actually rehab facility's for smart phone addiction is sad.
  11. My birthday is in June too. Like I look at my young cousins, even when in the same room they’re all on their devices, it’s ridiculous!! I think it was also mentioned one time that Preston wants to be a dj, so at least they do have some aspirations and they’re most likely in a private school, so better education compared to public. I hope they still play sports tho, cuz it’s healthier to have a balance, I played a lot of Nintendo but I also played outside too, I couldn’t imagine spending my whole childhood in front of a screen.
  12. I guess it’s just cuz I’m from a different time, I’m 38, so when I was that young I didn’t have shit that would require followers, even now, I don’t care about how many follows or likes. Guess that’s all kids really care about today, so they’ll use any means to get it. I really hope style and speech is all those boys picked up from Kevin, considering, they spent majority of their life with him. The fact his room was pretty much empty at Kevin’s, gives me some hope he won’t turn into one of those entitled Hollywood brats.
  13. After having a few days to process all this, one thing is starting to rub me the wrong way, the spilling details for followers, using Brit for some kind of gain...sounds familiar, don’t y’all think?!?!
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