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  1. All she said was Jamie is sorry, loves and misses her. That’s it!!
  2. I listened to the live feed and hearing her speak her truth in her own voice was so powerful. She destroyed them!!! This was not at all what I was expecting today, I’m so fucking proud of her!!! I don’t know about y’all but going forward, I’m gonna be side-eyeing and skeptical of anything posted on her Instagram, since she pretty much confirmed that it’s bullshit!! And a 20 minute recess just so Viv can come back spewing her daddy loves her bullshit and I’m like bitch were u not listening to what I was just listening to, I’m sure Britney would say, he can shove his love up his ass, for Christ’s sake she wants to sue her entire family!!! This had better not fall on deaf ears this time and we better see Ingham submit termination paperwork cuz she said she wants it over a few times!!!
  3. That was so hard to read, I’m like angry and sad at the same time and that original judge is a fucking CUNT!!! Penny, does seem better in comparison. It does feel good to know Ingham seems to have been advocating for her since before this movement, I guess it’s not his fault, it’s been falling on deaf ears. I also find it comical that redecorating a kitchen is too expensive but losing over a million dollars a year to the cship, majority of which goes to Jamie’s side isn’t. He’s such a piece of shit!!! Kudos to NYT and they dropped it at the perfect time, normally, we’d be getting an article that’s disparaging to Britney before a court date, so this is nice. After this explosive article, if team CON try to seal whatever Brit says tomorrow, they’re gonna look so much more guilty than they already look. I also get the feeling from this article that Framing part two will focus on the cship, they even obtained the court investigators report, no one has done that till now.
  4. This is huge if legit and damn right, they better pay that fee!!
  5. Yeah, I think it was Streisand, he should have pushed harder and fought to see what was in that medical report that the judge refused to show him. Everyone involved in that cship has failed her. Sadly, I don’t think whatever she says to the judge is gonna do anything, unless she submits the paperwork needed to do what it is she wants to do because she’s spoken to the judge before and her words clearly weren’t enough.
  6. Reality is, we don’t know shit about what they’re doing, most of it we’re just guessing, sure we were told she wants Jamie gone, well then where’s the official paperwork requesting it??? That should have been submitted last year. It just doesn’t make sense the way shit is happening. It’s really not shocking that fans would get excited over something that could possibly make things easier for her to fight this.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/freebritneyla/status/1400139761679929348 That Ben Allen is a fucking coward!! And apparently the law firm that represents Jamie is apart of this group of lawyers who oppose this bill, not surprised there. So much fucking corruption, it’s sickening. Unfortunately, I lose hope more and more.
  8. That vid isn’t bad but I’m lmao at the caption saying the pics are blurry cuz her phone is moving, like girl we know they screen shots, lol
  9. I don’t recall seeing that available for purchase in Philly, if it were I would of bought it, lol, I’m sure it’s extremely rare if u can’t find it online esp. since other Circus merch can still be found. You’re lucky u scored that one.
  10. Bitch sure can still rock a cat suit and the first shot with her unzipping it is hot as hell!!
  11. I agree, people need to stop looking for clues and analyzing shit to death, which is not what I was trying to do, this caption just came off to me as mindless rambling, def. not shaming her for it, her thoughts are her thoughts, not everyone’s gonna get it all the time.
  12. I got that at the beginning but by the end she’s tagging Sam and talking about cheating, idk, i do know I would not wanna be the person who has to type her captions out, lol, a lot of these loooong captions on her posts would be much better spoken in a video.
  13. Love the pics with the pink hair, she’s def. feeling herself there but that long winded pillow caption in the other pic was hard to get through, I’m just like get to the point and by the end, I still don’t get it, lol
  14. Bessemer needs to be officially brought on first, apparently, there’s been issues and they’re not working on her case yet, first Ingham fucked up paperwork, then Jamie’s side didn’t sign some kind of paperwork, sometimes I feel like chimps would do a better a job, it’s ridiculous esp. for how much these people get paid.
  15. All evidence says Britney hates the cship, I think she’s just taking baby steps and she’ll eventually petition to end it. Jamie is her first obstacle. I also think it’s been 13 years having to live this way, it would be smart to get her ducks in a row first, she’ll still need money managers, business managers, she needs to find ones that SHE wants and have them on standby, so that way she’s not just thrown to the wolves once she’s free.
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