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  1. I don’t think it’s a crime that she didn’t wanna discuss Brit but it was her reaction, she looked irritated at the question and immediately looked to the publicist which we all know means shut this done, then that throw away over the shoulder i’m happy for her is the icing on the cake. Would it of killed her to just smile and say i’m happy for her or just simply say I’d prefer to not discuss any other celebrities tonight. Yeah Christina’s post in June was sweet but it doesn’t erase all the digs she’s taken at Brit over the years. That look of irritation on her face for simply being asked is most likely what sent Brit over the edge.
  2. Little by little old Britney (as much as I hate that term) is emerging, they tried to break her but failed, it’s truly amazing that she was able to stay strong and not lose herself. Sure there’s some nervousness which is to be expected but pre CON Britney def. was coming through in this video.
  3. If Insta is any indication, she’s ready to speak and put them all on blast so I believe it will happen just not immediately, she needs to just enjoy her freedom for awhile and gather all her thoughts. It’s 13 years she’s been holding in, it’s gonna take time to do it right.
  4. I knew this was gonna happen today but at the same time I still can’t believe it, I am actually in tear y’all, this is in incredible!!!
  5. It could also just lead into another area that’s a part of her bedroom where there’s no need for a door.
  6. I know, the way Preston goes over and like puts his arm around her, so sweet. Time was stolen from them too, but it’s good to know that despite it they still love her and are close and it’s great they accept her for her, they’re (and any future kids) the only flesh and blood she needs, fuck the others!!
  7. Aww, I hope she’s getting to see them much more now.
  8. Yeah I’ve done that too but I still wouldn’t put it past Lou considering how litigious she is.
  9. Oh ok, it’s like homegirl writes in riddles, it’s hard to follow sometimes, lol, I saw the Lou part thanks to fan screenshots, whole post is gone now, how much u wanna bet Lou had a c&d ready and waiting to go for when Brit finally uttered her name.
  10. Love Locke & Key and not gonna lie, these pics were disturbing at first sight, lol
  11. Is this saying that Lynne was concerned and thought Brit was acting weird cuz she was smiling??? That’s how it’s sounding to me when I read this and if so, um normally that would make a parent happy. And LMAO at the family business reference, that’s def. Brian shade.
  12. The event sounds cool but not something I’m willing to pay for.
  13. I know, I just read that and now the Jerryl’s have dropped out too, they all running for the hills now that the bank of Britney is officially closed, they know he can’t afford them, lol
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