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  1. Well it’s good to know she’s still alive, lol, girl took a hiatus from everything!!
  2. I’d have to go with cheaply made too, plus how rough u are with it.
  3. It’s one of my fave songs from her but knowing R. Kelly wrote it and I think even does background on it cuz it sounds like him in parts, I can’t help but feel a lil conflicted. Being 37 years old, I’ve known about the allegations about him for MANY, MANY years which is why I haven’t listened to HIS music in that long regardless of the great songs he’s made, but now thanks to the recent Lifetime “Survivng R. Kelly” series bringing this all back to the public’s mind and every one turning on him like they should of done back then, I feel a little dirty listening to it, along with Aaliyah’s music, lol
  4. Looking forward to a new album, but she should take her time, deal with her family shit first, then start everything with a clear head. Shelve domination, cuz it was just too soon after POM. I also wasn’t aware that there were so many psychics up in this bitch, lol, stop acting like u know what their plans are, cuz y’all look stupid as fuck, u don’t know shit, none of us do, so live your own lives and stop acting like your in Brit’s head.
  5. I lost a brother the day before Christmas Eve, so i unfortunately understand the mindset she’s in now, she’s doing the right thing, family always come first!! Shame on any fan who is more concerned with the loss of music and a concert when she almost lost her dad.
  6. I’d love her to add those three songs as well, along with Liar, as for My Prerogative, it’s not even her song, so she'd prolly have to pay Bobby Brown to use it, idk, not really sure how those things work.
  7. Completely agree, DWAD was actually the first time I saw her in concert and it was fucking incredible, the concerts post-breakdown have been good but not wow. She needs to find that swag again as well as confidence, cuz it seems like she second-guesses herself. Also lose the fucking hooker heels, I think it’s obvious they slow her down.
  8. It looks cool but there’s nothing that indicates that it’s even for Britney, therefore, I wouldn’t read too much into it.
  9. Looks great, how long is this commercial tho, she’s been sharing different teasers for awhile now, lol
  10. Not yet but I definitely plan on buying those first two shirts sometime after Christmas.
  11. How cute and yeah the way fans brutally criticize Brit is bad enough but to do it kids is despicable!!
  12. Looks good, let’s just all say a collective prayer that she doesn’t water it down on the stage, lol
  13. I agree with the others about it being too soon, plus the lackluster announcement could be playing a part. The show has to be completely different from POM, keep the major hits but maybe add a good number of popular non singles that haven’t been played in awhile. Since their going for a more urban vide, it would be cool to see Outrageous and Boom Boom on the set list.