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  1. We literally know nothing except that another court date was scheduled for April 21. But, Cher tweeted twice about this situation and questioned why if Brits so sick why has she been working all this time, in other words, Cher thinks the sitch is shady too. Cher is an icon, so the fact that she tweeted about this is huge!!
  2. Wow, those poor people, I knew that Jodi bitch was just another snake!! As for Britney, today is a big day IF it doesn’t get delayed again, I’m wishing for the best but honestly expecting the worst.
  3. Yeah, I really hope her personal life is what she’s focusing on, plus I think after the situation regarding her dad and son, I can see that really lighting a fire under her ass and motivating her to fight for her freedom. As much as I’m jonesing for new music, I’ll happily wait for as long as it takes, I’d love to see that team kicked to the curb and that new album be on 100% her terms!!
  4. I miss her too but I honestly feel like she’s done coping with her situation, which she should be, she’s been doing it since 2008. Britney has always been a feisty chick, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s refusing to work until she’s free, lol, I really hope Lynne got that lawyer to actually help Britney get her freedom. I think she genuinely loves what she does, she’s prolly just over having to do it with that huge anchor holding her down.
  5. As long as it’s not mostly mid tempo/ballady like BJ, than I’ll be happy but I sure won’t be holding my breath while waiting for a new album cuz quite frankly I don’t see her having another successful era as long as she’s still in cship.
  6. I was wondering where that was coming from too, I honestly couldn’t even spot Britney in the outdoor video. I swear some fans are her worst enemy, fans wanna be commenting what they THINK they see, next thing u know media will be reporting it.
  7. I wonder why she would delete them, I swear everything in the world of Britney is such a mystery now. I also wonder if her friends still live in that area, if so, I hope she got to see them.
  8. Anyone’s who defamed Britney deserves to be sued, I STILL think it’s sick Perez was given a part in the Circus tour, as far as I’m concerned, it was just a buy off to shut him up. Now he’s pretty much team c-ships mouthpiece, he is a despicable human being. Back when Anthony being sued first became news, I said I thought it was stupid that he’s suing a fan yet he doesn’t go after the media who say vile things about his daughter. As for the Make Me video, I don’t see why that would be a big deal?? Plus it’s really LaChapelles property esp. since Britney never released it, so he should be the one to sue over it.
  9. Love him for this, if only they all hadthat kind of integrity. Sad part is, while times have changed since than and celebs problems are now being taken seriously instead of mocked, it’s not so much the case for Brit, she still gets dissed, not as much but it’s still happening and it’s incredibly fucked up.
  10. There was an article but of course those have to be taken with a grain of salt but it said, she gets to see them Christmas Eve, then they’re right back to Kevin, sad part is, I don’t think she’s aloud to have them nights anymore since the custody change, so it wouldn’t even be all of Christmas Eve. She should give her dad a Christmas card, that says inside, go fuck yourself, love Britney, lol, he’s the reason behind the lost time with her kids.
  11. The only ads I get are the pop up ones promoting the new Exhale and asking to join, which are so fucking annoying, I wish my Norton ad blocker worked on those like it does all other ads.
  12. I would think he can’t talk about this topic anywhere online, the purpose was to shut him up, so that’s what makes sense to me.
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