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  1. BJ is my least listened to not for the reason u stated, for me it’s just to slow, Glory is sooooooo much better, I love it. Its funny cuz with the Circus Tour a lot of fans were trashing it, saying all she’s really doing is walking now suddenly it’s epic and one of her best, this is one very fickle fan base. While Circus did have a better set and costumes than POM, Britney herself was basically phoning it in, she herself is much better during POM, she’s more energetic and dancing more and better. I honestly believe what had most fans butthurt over POM was because of the residency, they see it as something has beens do, meanwhile thanks to her, many more current artists are doing a residency, plus with the residency fans have to go to her, which is very expensive and inconvenient. Sure Britney has had her good nights and bad nights, but she’s a fucking human being, she’s gonna have ups and downs plus she’s been doing the same show for 5 years, I’m sure she’s bored out of her mind. Plus I also feel a lot of fans have an extremely unhealthy obsession, they live vicariously through her, she fails they fail, she succeeds, they succeed. At the end of the day, if u care for Britney as a person, be happy that she seems to be happy and healthy and in a good place, the pop star part of her, is not that serious, it’s just a form of entertainment. It’s psychotic that’s fans are getting so angry over entertainment. They seriously need to lay off of her and need to put themselves in her position, would they be happy if they were her and saw people saying such horrible things about them over something as stupid as a performance or an outfit?? There’s a saying...treat people the way u wanna be treated, and those particular fans need to get that saying through their thick skulls.
  2. Here’s the thing tho, as fans there’s nothing wrong with being disappointed and expressing it, but there is a HUGE difference between expressing it in a mature, respectful way and a hateful, cunty way. That second one is what I have a problem with. Saying she needs to practice more, loosen up and work on her anxiety for when she’s on stage so she can deliver like she does on instagram is one thing, calling her an awkward, stiff robot is another. There’s no need for the mocking and disrespect. If you wanna call having maturity and respect sensitive, then so be it.
  3. IKR, u gotta love her, lol, my fave part, she says less is more and she doesn’t really like makeup, yet she lives in heavy dark eye makeup even when she’s working out.
  4. Britney has always been that one pop star who’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t and it’s never been fair but quite frankly as a real fan as long as I’m happy that’s all that matters. Fuck critics, fuck haters and fuck the fake fans. The fake fans are the ones that esp. piss me off, if you hate her so much and are no longer being entertained by her, why are u still hanging around...move on, NO ONE WANTS YOU!!! Hell, who needs haters when u have fans like that.
  5. At the end of the day, Britney is a human being first and a pop star second, as long as she is happy and in a good place that’s all I really care about. Sure she may not perform at the level she used to or promote herself to the point of exhaustion but does that really matter?? She still puts out great music and still puts on an entertaining show, and any fan who puts the pop star part of her before the human is selfish as fuck.
  6. I knew she’d be great, she was made for stuff like this, she sounded good singing the not a woman line too.
  7. Fe is awesome but how exactly do fans know she wasn’t asked back?? Fe is entitled to a life of her own, maybe she had something to do or didn’t wanna tour, can’t just assume the worst.
  8. Well before the show two guys got engaged in the audience so that was a cool moment, as for the show itself, obviously there could be more fan interaction but she did tell the Freaksow guy that he was handsome and looked like the prince from I think Tangled. She was really energetic, seemed like she was really enjoying herself and if she really was sick cuz apparently the night before she had a 102 degree fever, u couldn’t tell. I’m sure it would of have been even better with all the props and stair cases and all but for being scaled down, it was still very entertaining, at the end of the day it really is a show you have to see in person. Sorry there’s really not much to say that other fans who have gone have said.
  9. Pics/vids came out shitty cuz I was in risers so not even gonna bother posting those. But I have to agree with the other fans who have actually attended the show, it’s so much better in person and the fan vids don’t do it justice, even the costumes which I’ve never been a huge of look better in person. Sure u can notice her tics and limited/repetitive dancing and it’s scaled down without all the props from Vegas BUT that doesn’t automatically make it a horrible show, it’s fun and non-stop energy for the entire show, she honestly didn’t stop moving. It was a packed house, crowd was on its feet the entire time except for mid-tempo tracks and was singing/screaming the entire time, I could barely talk afterwards, I’m telling u it’s such a different experience in person. So to those of u who are waiting for your show or those of u who are still considering buying a ticket, whatever u do...DO NOT...listen to the armchair critics, as far as I’m concerned those idiots don’t deserve to have an opinion cuz u just can’t properly judge something if your only watching it on small screen. Everyone who’s actually seen it live despite feeling improvements could be made still say it’s an amazing show, almost all of the negativity is coming from people not going, so I say fuck them and don’t let them get in your head!! As long as you keep your expectations realistic and don’t treat it like it’s some holy, monumental event that’s gonna shape your life for years to come, lol, then u will have a blast!!! As for merch, I guess since it’s a limited tour, the pickings are slim but what they do have is nice and of course it’s pricy like all concerts and unfortunately no tour books.
  10. Yup, I’m not even member I just lurk cuz it’s more active than here but this week someone wrote that their gonna buy a meet and greet so they can tell her to her face everything she needs to fix and in the same thread, I think it may have been the same person, actually wrote something along the lines of she should be dead if she’s not gonna perform at her best. I think the thread may have been deleted but it’s what put me over the edge, I’m done with that place.
  11. You’re prolly right about her Instagram, it’s just I’m so used to seeing fans act like she’s stupid, so I just assumed, sorry for that and sorry if I sounded really defensive, the other forum has been crueler than they normally are toward her these past two weeks, it can get kinda infuriating, lol
  12. Listen if u wanna feel that these emojis mean something, u are free too, just don’t get mad and start shit talking Britney if nothing happens. THAT is the only problem I have with these fan created theories, nothing happens and fans take their anger out on her, when it’s themselves they should be angry at. As for her Instagram, I believe it’s both that run it, I know some fans like to act like she’s brain-dead and can’t use technology but that’s simply not the case. I’m sure she does have a private Instagram/Facebook whatever, but that doesn’t mean she can’t log on to her public page and share something personal with fans if she wants. I hope the fans who feel her social media is run completely by staff feel the same way about every other celeb, cuz it’s really unfair that Britney seems to be the only one that is treated like she’s some moron who doesn’t know how run this stuff. I’m sure she is recording, but that doesn’t mean an album is coming out tomorrow, fans just need to learn to have patience.