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  1. Yes welcome, unfortunately, it can be pretty dead in here but at least this forum isn’t bonkers.
  2. I know it’s scary, at this point they’re the ones who need meds and a mental health facility, plus if these claims are all false, they’re making all of us fans look like insane idiots.
  3. Good lord y’all, so now fans are referring to all the c-ship schedule stuff that is made public, they’re talking about something regarding insurance and now fans are thinking the team is trying to kill her, Reynolds must be raking in the dough, cuz there’s clearly a lot of tin foil hats being made, lol
  4. A lot of these motherfuckers are just reacting therefore not using their heads but with is, you’d think every fan would know better but I guess not.
  5. I know it’s insane, fortunately, most of Exhell is chastising this fan, he is the very last thing we need .
  6. Can u believe some idiot fan actually reached out to Sam fucking Lutfi for his opinion on this whole situation!!! He’s a big part of the reason she’s in this c-ship to begin with!!! While I don’t think it’s bad that the media/people now have theirs eyes on this situation JUST IN CASE but now someone is trying to drag in the most toxic person she’s ever had in her life...I just can’t with some of these fans!!!
  7. I have to be honest, the only thing I really find problematic since that podcast came out is the part regarding meds. Obviously, we don’t know her exact condition and we don’t know what meds shes on, but the one thing that psych meds have in common is, if you stop taking them, if you fuck around with the doses on your own, it can have a bad effect and I’m speaking from personal experience. Finding the right meds and dosage can be a lengthy process and if u start feeling better on whatever your on, you have to keep taking them or you’ll backslide or if you feel like shit on what your on, u need to voice that to your doctor so they can try to find something else for you to try or they have you alter the dosage. Unlike myself, she has kids, so I can understand why her stopping her meds or refusing to try new ones would be worrying to her family. Even fans were noticing and saying that she has seemed off since last year. That’s why I’m so conflicted regarding this and hesitant to join this movement. We are NOT behind the scenes, so for all we know, this very well could be for her own good. And yeah, Heather, security was def. there, if their not in the car, I think they follow in another one, so that's def bullshit.
  8. They better be getting a statement ready cuz this whole movement is spreading like wild fire!! Newsweek wrote about it, E News talked about, it was also a topic on The Talk with Eve wearing a free Britney shirt.
  9. Yeah like how about the fans who claim the c-ship is all about milking her for every penny yet she does the bare minimum, lol, they’d be working her like 98-03 if it was just about money. Yeah her team needs to start utilizing social media, because just sitting back and letting the fans just cause chaos is stupid, there is a way to be honest without revealing to much.
  10. Yeah until someone from the inner circle who isn’t Larry or Jamie says something it has to be taken with a huge grain of salt cuz like u said it could cause harm, I also feel like a lot fans feel like she’ll go back to “old Britney” if she becomes free and that’s just doing this for selfish reasons and I do not believe that she would. As much as we fans like to think we know her, we really don’t, we’re just outsiders looking in, we have no right to dictate what should be going on in her personal life. But I also feel like her team doesn’t help in these situations, the constant vagueness, the constant working under a veil of secrecy regarding everything does not help. Like when she did that interview in London and SHE apparently brought up the c-ship and it was immediately shut down, shit like that just fuels these conspiracy fires. They need to loosen the reigns some, it’s her life and if she’s willing to talk about something, let the woman talk. I feel like the fans wouldn’t be so rabid about shit like this, if they’d let us in just a little bit.
  11. It’s def a complicated situation, now if that guy had went to CNN or even Access Hollywood, gave his name and went completely on the record and put his career on the line to expose this, I’d believe it a hundred percent but he didn’t, he went to a fan podcast under annonymity. If it’s true then it most def needs to be stopped and all involved need to be punished but until someone on the inner circle comes out, it’s all just hearsay. Although the fact that her mom is on Instagram liking all the free Britney, she needs to be out of the cship comments, instead of denying it, is quite eye raising but until she makes a video saying all this is true, I’m just sitting on the sidelines and not taking part of this movement. Cuz what happens if this really is all bullshit, hows Britney gonna feel about her own fans making her father and longtime manager out to be villains??
  12. Who knows what the fuck to believe anymore, it’s becoming a complete mystery. Whatever is REALLY happening, I just wish Brit the best and pray it’s nothing shady or sinister.
  13. Listened to it earlier and if true it’s heartbreaking and some parts do line up, like Wallet quiting out of the blue and the harrowing reason he gave, plus if her team was up to something really shady, I can totally see him or any lawyer not wanting to get caught up in it. Plus wherever she is, I believe she’s been there much longer than what has been reported cuz we legit haven’t seen her in MONTHS!! But with that said, unless the source was willing to publicize his name its one of those things that has to be taken with a grain of salt, at the same time tho, I don’t completely trust her team either.
  14. So I have to admit it does grow on you esp. without the tags and being able to hear the song with it BUT with that said, I can still see why they scrapped it and I agree with that. Shes made an abundance of sexy videos throughout her career but they’ve always been classy sexy, this is just straight up raunch. Imagine being SP and JJ watching this, that be awkward, lol
  15. I can see why it was scrapped, it makes no sense at all, she looks incredible obviously and the dance scenes are good, that’s about it.