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  1. Wish she’d of kept it longer but she still looks good and I love how she’s coming for the inevitable hair/makeup hater comments in the caption, lol
  2. I find them two to be very annoying. Something clearly isn’t right with Britney’s situation but as a fan, I could never just give up on her and act like she doesn’t exist. But, hey, u do u.
  3. @MakeMySugarFall @sairaannopee99 Then that’s unfortunate cuz a lot of the damaging stuff towards Britney comes from these alleged sources esp. when talking about her mental health, talking about her almost dying, she’s in horrible shape, not getting out of bed, it could all be complete bullshit and they can get away with it just by claiming a source.
  4. I can’t help but wonder where “sources” come in tho, most tabloids always claim shit is coming from a “source”....well my question is, is there even really a source or does simply claiming one allow them to write whatever they want??
  5. Ok, I think I see where your coming from now. He fucked up saying it was the truth and then doubling down on it, he could of gotten away with it just like all the tabloids do if he just worded it differently, so he did bring it on himself.
  6. See I interpreted it differently, I saw the claim of her team deleting the positive comments as her team wanting the world to think she’s crazy therefore justifying the c-ship. Now if the claim were the opposite, that they were deleting only negative comments so she only sees positive, then I could see the fragile narrative.
  7. But I thought this lawsuit had to do with Anthony claiming that her team was deleting positive comments and keeping bad ones, not whether Britney uses social media or not or is it both??
  8. Ok yeah, I get it now, although I still don’t see how this harms Britney’s rep, it harms team c-ships rep.
  9. The lyrics on his album are a joke, he claims he has all this expensive shit, yet we all know who paid for that shit, lol, but the album is pretty good, if u take away the vocals and just made it instrumental, lol
  10. This is def. her, it reminded of those old letters too.
  11. Wouldn’t be hilarious though, if his source actually is Lynne, he knows her and Fe in some way, so it’s not impossible but at the same time it’s not a theory I’d put money on, it would just be funny if it turned out to be the case, lol
  12. I wish he’d be more precise, they calling him crazy or Britney crazy?? If it’s Britney, then fuck them but hey she’s still been in business all this time but where is Jive.... oh that’s right, nowhere, lol
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