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  1. FINALLY, I can see stuff again, lol, beautiful pics!!
  2. THIS!! It’s getting ridiculous now, like why is it only working for some users and not all of us??
  3. Would love to listen, if I could, whoever runs this site needs to remove this stupid hidden feature or get it to actually work.
  4. Well since the feature is intentional, it’s not working cuz I’ve done both of those things in this thread and still can’t see the hidden stuff.
  5. Good news, now off topic but what’s with the hidden content block saying to either react or comment on post to see it, cuz neither seems to unhide it, is this just happening to me??
  6. Good news, I wonder what the chances are that it’ll come out by the tour and we can have some new performances, prolly very slim, lol
  7. I love how she straight up just doesn’t give a fuck, lol, any fan who thinks her going out looking sloppy is something new clearly are new fans cuz she’s done this in the past too.
  8. Although despite the shirt being basic as fuck, at least Britney fans did get something, my cousin paid for the presale for JT, didn’t get tix or anything else, just a loss of money, so I do give credit to Team Britney for offering an item, but whoever designed the shirt needs to be fired, hell they could of gave away one of the POM shirts that they sell in the store or at the shows.
  9. All that time waiting just for that!?!? Now the shirt ain’t that big of a deal for people who paid for the presale and managed to get seats esp good seats. But what about the people who weren’t able to get tix even tho they paid for the presale, there just stuck with that basic ass shirt, c’mon, lol
  10. Well that is an interesting workout, lol, impressive though.
  11. Looks good, great picture choices too.