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  1. She looks great and I don’t think I’ve ever seen another person make yoga look so sexual, lol
  2. Good to know it’s not just me, whoever runs this forum needs to an update or something, cuz this is ridiculous.
  3. I wouldn’t want Britney doing the Super Bowl by herself or with someone UNLESS she absolutely brought her A game!! I also agree with @MakeMySugarFall, they’re two different kinds of artists, it just wouldn’t work right, just watch Like A Virgin, Christina completely over powered not just Britney but the song itself.
  4. And those same nuts are now questioning why she keeps dating the posts, I just can’t anymore, lol Off topic but this forum has been moving at a glacial pace for me when logging in , posting, everything.
  5. She’s definitely done better model videos, this one’s blah, love that shes’s showing love to Just Like Me tho.
  6. The part where she’s dancing to Satisfaction is so cute!
  7. She looks so happy, although I did get excited for a minute, I thought she was by herself but security is in backseat.
  8. She looks amazing and it really does make such a huge difference when the makeup on her lower eyes isn’t as heavy as she usually does it.
  9. She looks great but I can’t help but laugh at her excitement over the bangs like it’s the first time she’s had them, lol, and I’ve always loved that bikini.
  10. Oh yeah, I saw the gofundme suggestion, many fans have been getting very close to the line regarding this whole thing, doing that would be officially stepping over it. I could understand trying to do that if Britney actually said the words...I’m a prisoner in this, they’re mistreating me and I have no way of getting out...help me, BUT she hasn’t!! They need to realize we are just fans, we can make noise and pique people’s interest in her definitely shady situation so that more eyes are on it and so her team know eyes are on it but that’s really all we can do. I feel like any lawyer worth their salt will feel for Britney but will laugh at the fans doing this. Do they really think a lawyer who’s never met or talked to Britney can just waltz up in the closed courtroom on her behalf???
  11. Completely agree, who ever thought of this is stupid, she needs genuine supporters, I’d esp. love to know who the genius is who thought the movement needed this guy, lol, this dude is a republican, he’s most likely against everything Britney and her fans stand for.
  12. I’ve seen other videos like this, I think even Lance Bass did one, these people are just saying whatever the customer/fan pays them to say.
  13. Agreed that that’s who it’ll piss off and I agree they should be exposed, it’s just that I feel like I’m drowning in hate and negativity at the moment, I live in Philly, so my neighborhood Facebook page kinda has me wanting to bang my head against the wall with all the back and forth fighting and my newsfeed is filled with mixed reactions, it’s making me wanna take a social media hiatus.
  14. I figured she would say something eventually, what she wrote is perfect, it’s neutral too, which is good, I can’t see this celeb post pissing anyone off.
  15. Well it’s nice to hear some good news among all the shittiness. Gaga’s new album is great so it’s bound to rise but the fact that MR shot to number one and it lasted as long as it did considering it’s a just released foreign bonus track from 2016 is incredible!!
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