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  1. Love that bikini, she’s so cute and boy look at the water, it’s the complete opposite of the jersey shore where I’m gonna be in two weeks, lol
  2. She totally is relateable, that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about her. As for her post, sucks she’s gotta go back, she has seemed so happy on this vacay.
  3. I have to say I find it very sad how kind of insecure she’s been acting, all her recent posts have been about her body, she looks incredible, I’d give anything to have her body!!
  4. Don’t hold your breath, I’ve been saying on here for weeks, he needs to reveal his source if he wants people to believe him and....nothing!! As for the topic, of course she wants out, DUH, what young, non-incapacitated person would wanna live the remainder oh their life in a c-ship, this ain’t breaking news, lol
  5. Those are definitely positive, thanks, I honestly think they should just shut off comments for the time being.
  6. Well I can’t see any comments cuz when I try to look it prompts me to login and I don’t have an account so I gotta go by what others are saying but if anything should be deleted, it should be all the negative stuff and the fact that it apparently ain’t is shady as hell but at least this is on Lynne’s radar now, just in case.
  7. If she wasn’t in the c-ship, I guarantee u people would not be questioning her sanity in these videos. But regardless of c-ship, any real fan would know this is just her personality.
  8. Since y’all mention the main page posts, if you go check the absolute Britney twitter, now that is praising Britney for speaking out, well what is it my dude, I thought her Insta couldn’t be trusted, lol, make up your mind. There literally throwing anything against the wall now hoping it sticks, they look so stupid and Britney is a human being, obviously she gets bothered by hateful comments, I fail to see what is so shocking about her speaking out. Plus, they want her to have more freedom, she’s clearly having some but it ain’t what they want so she should shut up, oh the fucking irony, lol
  9. Good for her, keep coming at them Brit, but I feel like part of these rants isn’t so much the pics themselves but that people specifically the paranoid fans are choosing to believe what the paps/tabloids put out instead of what she puts out on her insta, that’s kinda how I interpreted the first video, idk, I just get the feeling that the asshole FreeBritney fans questioning EVERY.LITTLE.THING has pissed her off. Although I personally still think she looked good in those pap pics.
  10. It truly is annoying, like my eyes hurt from rolling them so much, we can all agree that the ongoing cship does not make sense but enough with the hysteria, we’ll know more in September until then enjoy the fucking summer, go frolic in the ocean like Britney. I also suggest a lot of them go study their Britstory, cuz it seems a lot of them don’t know shit, lol