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  1. Looking good, esp. the first outfit, it’s so her!!
  2. As much as I would love new music, I think she has more important shit to worry about at the moment, she needs to focus on her personal life and trying to get out of the cship cuz her recent post made it abundantly clear she’s fed up with her situation.
  3. Lucky fan, she seemed totally relaxed too. I honestly think her core team/certain security is what made her uptight in the past, notice in this vid, no core team and newer looking security, her past security would just drag her away.
  4. Fans will still get an inside look into her life but she can do it without having too read asshole comments or asshole fans bringing their conspiracy theories straight to her, I don’t even have an Instagram, yet I’m perfectly happy just getting to see her pics and videos, I don’t feel the need to be a critic.
  5. As for her kids, like their teens now, that can be an awkward stage and she’s not just posting to family and friends, it’s the whole world so I can understand if they don’t wanna be on the gram as much. But I don’t think she should stop posting cuz it seems like she enjoys sharing stuff and as a fan I enjoy getting to see a personal side of her but I do think she should shut off comments.
  6. Anyone who thinks she’ll just morph back to her 20 year old self is delusional, honestly, I’m sick of the conspiracy theories and every time she posts on Instagram, they say it’s Lou and saying Sam is on the payroll and just a spy for Jamie, Lou and Larry, if her getting free and cleaning house, will stop that bullshit, I’ll be happy.
  7. Thank God September is just next month, the idiots are unbearable at this point, although, if the cship continues, they’re never gonna stop.
  8. It’s good to see she was with her kids, they look older compared to when she lasted posted about them
  9. She’s adorable, although it’s a little weird how he went from smiling and laughing to looking like he bout to cut a bitch, lol
  10. If Lynne really did instruct y’all to post that, then I hope she’s gonna have Anthony’s back in this lawsuit cuz the whole situation is fucked up.
  11. Cute, I have to say though, I’m getting sick of the fans who think that her being young at heart is a bad or odd thing. People who take themselves and things seriously all the time are so annoying. Lighten up and get out of the bitter barn and go play in the hay.
  12. She looks so good and I’d love to know what meetings too.
  13. You’re free to believe whatever u want but I’m not wasting my time watching that shit and I sure as fuck ain't sharing it on my social media due to the fact that I don’t wanna be involuntarily committed. Sorry I’m just not the tinfoil hat wearing type.
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