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  1. To much shady stuff has come out and I question the entire cship. For all we know, she didn’t even need it. If she’s so bad that she needed this thing, then quite frankly she shouldn’t have been working at all, plus if it’s about her mental health, why is she in a probate cship, instead of an Lps cship, which is specifically for people with mental health issues and also expires in a year. Why didn’t they try less restrictive options first, which apparently they’re supposed to do, but that didn’t happen with her, they went straight to the last resort option. None of it makes any sense. Also the judge has to go by what the conservator/lawyers give them, so the judge could be basing stuff off of false documents. Sorry, I just don’t trust Team CON whatsoever, lol I definitely think she was half-assing on purpose.
  2. I think it’s a combination of things. First one being the choreographers, maybe they just ain’t that creative and aren’t coming up with great stuff cuz she’s still able to pull off her original choreo pretty well. Second, I don’t think it has to do with whatever mental health issue she has, I think it’s more about the meds, either she’s not being treated properly for a legit condition or she’s being fed pills she don’t need, it’s kinda weird how she kills it in rehearsals but then fizzles in front of a crowd, you’d think proper meds would help with her nerves. Plus, now knowing what we do regarding the cship, with how controlling and stifling it is, that would drain anyone’s passion and drive esp. the longer it goes on, which is why I’m glad, she’s put her foot down and is refusing to work, she shouldn’t have to continue working under those conditions, she needs both her voice and control back.
  3. I can’t with the fans acting like this is an all new personality, she has always been goofy, the GP I can understand them thinking it’s weird but fans should know better. Part of me feels like Sam has to play by Team CON rules in order to see her, so that’s why he can’t be shouting Free Britney, for all we know, he could be encouraging her to fight when they are together, fans need to stop speaking as if their with her behind closed doors and witness everything. But we’ll see whether Sam is the real deal or not if this cship ever comes to an end.
  4. Funny video and I’m sure this is giving the fans who constantly complain saying she has raccoon eyes a heart attack, lol
  5. I’m honestly not that worried, like that one document said, the world is watching and I think they know by now that fans aren’t giving up, so it’s gonna be much harder for them to get away with the shady shit like they could in the past. Plus, one probate attorney named Lisa, says the judges tend to side with the court appointed attorneys and now that Britney’s is finally working for her and seems to be doing a pretty damn good job, I think going forward more rulings will be in Britney’s favor, she already got a slight win with the judge deciding to tentatively deny Jamie’s request to seal documents. So I don’t think fans have to feel so doom and gloom anymore but also keep in mind, this isn’t gonna be an over night thing, this fight will be lengthy, so patience is a must.
  6. Oh they just keep shooting themselves in the foot, it’s beautiful, lol, and it is sooo deserved. They can’t possibly think this shit makes them look good?? Each move they make shows their intentions more and more and turns more people against them.
  7. Beat me to it, lol, I’m glad the judge approved the request not to seal even if just tentative, it’s still score 1 for Brit. But the non payment as soon as he starts doing his job, oh how very convenient and I’m glad Lynne pointed that out herself. That act alone shows what Jamie/Lou are all about, they are despicable, the judge had better see that shady move for what it is. I’m glad he’s still working for/with Brit despite not getting paid, that does make him look good IMO. As for the postponement, it does make sense to do it in one hearing.
  8. I know, I’m at the point that I really don’t care what made him flip, the fact he flipped and is going all out for her is what matters. Yeah, I think tomorrow, a decision is supposed to be made regarding Bessemer, hopefully it’s approved.
  9. Link to full document https://www.docdroid.net/wHEto8h/ingham-opposition-wallet-pdf#page=25 This document gives some more detail in regards to Wallets resignation, also states that in the 11 years he was co-conservator, he had little to no interaction with Britney. He also brings in Tri Stars role and once Wallet was out, Jamie gave Tri Star a massive increase in payment, there’s also email between Jamie and Lou featured in the Exhibit section. And just for shits and giggles, Meaner made a comparison on Lou’s signature from the email in the exhibit and the email she sent Britney when she was stalking Britney...they match, lol https://mobile.twitter.com/MeanerThree/status/1305689167750402050
  10. I liked this one, great choice of song and most of the dancing fit the song well.
  11. I really hope she gets to see them, cute caption but what’s up with random girly looking pic, lol, but apparently Preston liked the post so that’s good.
  12. I love that the shirt is officially being counted now 😂 and I’m sure we all know who the thorn in her side is, lol
  13. Yea, he just looks like a failure, not only that, his filings are also kinda proving that some of the conspiracies from fans actually do hold water, so in addition to failure, he’s stupid. I hope her lawyer is taking notes of all this.
  14. They really are desperate, I honestly just see goofy Britney, sure sometimes the captions don’t always match the pics/vids but can that 100% be blamed on her, I honestly don’t think so. I agree it’s the comments and I doubt we’d be seeing those comments if the breakdown/cship never happened, people are just programmed to see crazy now.
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/lawyersforbrit/status/1304109993139023874 Which just makes them look bad imo, we all know she don’t have free reign of her social, everything gotta be approved first and who ever approved it is most likely the one actually posting it. If her posts are so concerning, why post them??? Be honest with her, that certain posts might make her look unstable or could that be what they want??? Jamie really is getting dirty.
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