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  1. I couldn’t care less that it’s another greatest hits show, but if he says she’s gonna be 110 percent in regards to her performance, then she HAS to be, I’m so down for “street” and “rythmic” but how it will it be executed?? Overall POM was a great show but it was too halfassed most of the time, esp by the star of the show, it can’t be that way this time.
  2. Holy fuckballs, that was um....uhhhh....well....at least she looks good, lol, all that hoopla for that, shit for once y’all weren’t exaggerating, big thanks for the time stamp. I like the name and advertisement tho.
  3. Haven’t watched yet but kinda afraid to, don’t know whether the complaints are legit or are just Britney fans bitching just for the sake of bitching which is normally the case, lol
  4. I hope it’s something all fans can enjoy, like a new album. The only fans that can enjoy a residency are the one who can afford to go to her.
  5. VIP nation def. fucked up on the foreign leg of this tour it sounds like but his own words said Britney herself couldn’t have been sweeter, at the end of the day that’s what should really matter regardless of how long u get with her, it could have been rushed and she could of been in a pissy mood, lol, if that were the case, fans would have a valid reason to be upset but he’s CHOOSING to let the rushiness ruin the fact that he met her on a good day and that’s on him.
  6. She definitely has gotten better with time.
  7. She looks great, love the bikini, kinda weird with the boots tho, lol
  8. So far this stuff looks nicer then the stuff in her last store, def. gonna get that who is it shirt but just like her last store, I find it odd how a tank top would cost more than a t shirt, it doesn’t make sense, it’s less material, lol
  9. Don’t generalize, I never read anything into those emojis, fans who did only have themselves to blame, lol, the only confirmed song was the one with Pitbull, so it be nice to know what happened to that.
  10. Yeah they prolly don’t make her, was just a thought. If she really does want to do them tho, there’s gotta be a way to at least make it less nerve-wracking for her, like no more than 10 fans for each show or change the time they do them so it’s not so rushed and hectic. I wish her team would think of something to make it easier on her. Plus, it is really ignorant when fans treat her mental illness like it’s a cold, something that some Tylenol and bed rest will fix. Sure u can control it, meds and therapy can make it easier to cope but it’s still there and I’m speaking from personal experience, plus finding the right meds and dosage can take time and having them changed up or abruptly stopping them can really fuck u up. Oh and I also take her taking on the fans personality into consideration with these bad stories too, it’s gotta be hard so I do give her props for doing it.