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  1. Not surprising, he’s insane, HE is the one that needs to be in a cship!!
  2. She looks but esp happy and relaxed which is great to see. Also her posts lately seem to be more like they used to be before she was hospitalized, idk if it’s related to Lou/Tri Star being gone but, hopefully, it remains that way.
  3. Homegirl ain’t on a hiatus, she on a strike, huge difference in my opinion, so I would imagine she’s not happy about it. But as long as there are still some fans willing to hand over their cash despite everything that’s gone down, then u can expect her team to continue to put shit out even without her participation.
  4. If it’s free then great, if it’s not, then they can fuck off, ain’t getting my money.
  5. Well that’s a relief, at least something good happened today. It feels better knowzing neutral, professional eyes will be on everything now. I knew he was low but my god, but then again his own grandson said he can go die, so I guess we can’t be too surprised by Jamie’s behavior. But it really does make u wonder, what’s happened these past twelve years, what has she and those kids had to endure?? I guess, I still feel it should be easily ended then but I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait the 10 thousand years this is gonna take to play out, lol
  6. Was anything fucking decided today tho, Bessemer, hearsay/declarations, there were multiple things on the docket, what the fuck did did they do today, just chit chat??? That horse comment has me LIVID, I also wouldn’t mind knowing the context behind that, what document did she ask about that would elicit such a vile response, we better get a court transcript. He is a waste of human flesh and doesn’t deserve to be called her father, dad, daddy, papa etc., from now on i declare his identifier as the unfortunate sperm donor or usd for short OR simply his first name but he is no longer deserving of the other titles. And again HER attorney with the voluntary cship thing, I STILL don’t understand what that means that, if it’s voluntary, why not just end it, why this LOOOOOOOONG, TORTUROUS process???
  7. While those death threats were disturbing, that’s why you have lawsuits and restraining orders, it’s not enough to just jump ship, she’s caught. It’s clear that Brit has been being robbed left and right. I also just read the full document of Jamie’s argument for why he should remain, it was done by that attorney Vivian who was brought back in, she seems like a shark compared to the other two chicks. She’s definitely matching Inghams sassiness. But in the first page it clearly states that Britney is in good health, so why is this still in place??? In one section they even question the manner of how Ingham’s doing his job, yeah cuz he’s now actually doing it, which is working for BRITNEY. And they’re blaming him for this case getting more litigious this past year, lol, through this whole document, to me it feels like Britney is just an afterthought even though this whole thing is about her life. It also bothers me how this lawyer speaks about this cship like it’s commonplace, as if tons of people have them, instead of what it really is, a tool that’s typically used as a LAST RESORT!! Heres link to the full document if u wanna check it out https://www.docdroid.net/xOAljYB/1793819613-pdf
  8. I bet, THIS is the real reason Lou left so abruptly, she knew her hand was finally caught in the cookie jar. She should be ordered to pay Britney back for the personal lawsuit and overcharging. It also looks like there’s some shadiness going on with Jamie and a storage facility, I don’t really understand the wording tho. This document is proof that Jamie don’t know what he’s doing.
  9. Kept her estate in tip top shape while also taking a huge chunk of it for yourself and your group of lawyers. He needs to respect his daughters wishes and just step down and let professionals do the job. I hope the judge sides with Brit.
  10. That video the other day where she says she’s happy makes sense, after just reading the full document, it puts Jamie’s shady intentions front and center, I can’t see the judge not giving Britney this, it’s clearly in her best interest. I just hope Lou doesn’t get off scott free, hopefully, the new people find something illegal and go after her. Hopefully, with Jamie out of the picture, the next step is to end the cship completely but just keep Bessemer in as just normal financiers.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/status/1324077874077331456 BUT....WAIT THERE’S MORE... Lou is gone!!! Jamie trying to sneak a new business manager in but Ingram already on it too. https://mobile.twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/status/1324078841657090048 It’s all happening, y’all!!!!!!
  12. One thing I’ve noticed that’s always checked off on paperwork, is that she’s vulnerable to undue influence, like a Lutfi situation, I wonder if that’s enough to keep her in a personal cship?? But the not gravely disabled comment is definitely a blow to the narrative Team CON tries to push. I’d love to be in the judges mind right now to know what she’s thinking cuz nothing in this case makes sense.
  13. I was wondering when this was gonna come, it needs to be settled so Jamie can’t call hearsay for everything Ingham says on Brit’s behalf, which we know he’ll do, he loves a stall tactic. More snark too, love to see it.
  14. Yeah, he’s been very snarky, that is def. a good sign.
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