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  1. "I'll tell you the whole story about my mum if I get to 5000 followers". He's just a teenager looking for attention online, likes, followers and popularity. I think what he's done is wrong and I hope he stops talking about her mum's business online, because I doubt he knows half of what's going on with her. But hey, he's said more in 15 minutes than Britney herself in 10 years
  2. I think it is just a shadow. Cute couple
  3. Maybe her team takes so much time controlling and filtering what can be posted and not, that we get these IG updates a few months later. Just kiddin'
  4. I think her team is using the Britney The Zone thing and bombing her instagram stories with tik tok videos to divert attention from her personal stuff.
  5. Nice twist, I love it, and I kinda love that her team actually made an IG post about this
  6. I was watching her new video and I saw this look which instantly reminded me of the 'Oops I did It Again' single cover art. Her new song is really good, I love the instrumental, very 80s
  7. Madonna kinda peaked when she hit her 40s after releasing Ray of Light and Music, and somehow I can see Britney taking a couple years off to fix her personal life and coming back strong.
  8. I think she'll comeback once her personal situation is solved. That might take years, but I can see her waiting and focusing on getting better and gaining full control of her life. And honestly, I think that's the best thing she could do, because everybody expects her to be passionate about her music and 100% committed.
  9. That's the best Britney T-shirt I've ever seen PD: I like Billie's sound, it's fresh and I would love to see Britney trying out some new concepts. Homegirl definitely needs collabs in the production department, but no more featurings...
  10. I remember hearing some snippets from a producer on IG and some were pretty cool, but I didn't save anything
  11. Was it announced that Britney would be on their song/video? I'm really asking cause I don't remember. It was 'When I Grow Up', right? What I mean is that Pitbull really confirmed it and hyped up the collab, so it would be kinda weird releasing the song with some other female artist when everybody was expecting Britney. The backlash would be huge, and I don't see many artists or record labels disrespecting Britney that way. They replaced her on 'Hey Ma', but Britney was never confirmed I believe (it was all rumours) and it was said the movie producers chose to have Camila instead. Also after hearing the kind words he said about Britney during POM (I mean I was there and heard him say how she has gone through so much and how her story of survival in the industry is an example for everyone), I think he would choose not to replace her out of respect.
  12. I know, but you don't just replace Britney Spears after announcing the single would feature her. Pitbull had already confirmed the single and her before getting a release date.
  13. The source is unbrokeney, and for some reason I consider them reliable. Thoughts?
  14. she does fashion shows at home just for fun tho
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