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  1. To those hating on the video, this isn't even a finished cut. It is clearly an early version, as you can see there are editing mistakes all over it. The special effects are not polished, and in some scenes the music doesn't match her mouth. This is probably the first cut LaChapelle sent to Team Britney to show them how the thing was being put together, and they or she rejected it right away.
  2. Also this video is the most natural Britney we'll ever get to see. If you compare her face/skin in Slumber Party or in the released version of Make Me with this video, you can see they didn't get to apply any effects or filters on her which is kinda cool
  3. i don't really like her looks and outfits and the whole video is kinda weird, but the cage scene is EPIC and the choreo looks hot tbh. still better than what we got in 2016, at least more authentic
  4. I personally want tracks like Mood Ring or Invitation. Some fresh R&B with heavy synths, trip-hop vibe and sultry vocals. I also wouldn't be mad if she pulled a few experimental tracks like Coupure Électrique. Definitely some old school catchy pop bangers like If U Seek Amy or Womanizer. But please, no more tropical house. Whale sounds are way too 2015-16 and she had her fair share in Glory. And nothing too EDM either...
  5. Because her priorities are different now. And being able to work and provide for her children was maybe a way to cope with her mental state, prove herself capable and fight for custody. Besides, no one in her family was facing severe health problems back then, not even her.
  6. dude, that onyx hotel tour bluray looks amazing
  7. I think the conservatorship hasn't been removed after all these years because legally it could be more tricky than we think. And Britney seems to be in control of her life, maybe that's why she hasn't really fought to get it removed.
  8. The original picture is from the infamous Cosmopolitan photoshoot, I think.
  9. ohh wait, that's amazing! thnx for the quality content
  10. She said cancel, not postpone, so I think it is safe to say the whole thing has been scrapped. If she comes up with a new residency in the future, I don't think it will be Domination, but something else.
  11. You can listen to it, like it and enjoy it. If you don't want to support him just don't buy it or stream it on legal platforms