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  1. I believe she'll want to end it eventually, but taking one step at a time will definitely benefit her case. Trying to end the conservatorship for good now might be a bit more difficult than "just" removing Jamie, and making her case all about it could backfire, ending up with Jamie still in charge. I think she's been very well advised and her plan, whatever it is, will succeed in the long term.
  2. It's pretty obvious she hates the media bringing her "troubled" days back everytime they talk about her. And she doesn't like being portrayed as a victim either, because I'm sure the way she's fighting and struggling for her well-being makes her feel like she's quite the opposite of a victim. But also, the level of harassment she endured from the press, which is inconceivable today, was a key element of how she grew up and I get it is important to remember that time for the audiences that don't know her story. I haven't watched this last doc, but I find the way the first documentary analysed some aspects of her situation very interesting. Specially how the media was able to tear her appart just because she was a girl, like how they managed to destroy her image as a woman, as an artist and even as a mother for their own interests. The gender point of view is very clarifying, as her public scrutiny and all the decisions made upon her so-called "breakdown", had she been a man, would have been completely different. I don't think she condemns the Free-Britney movement, but she is just fed up with the media milking her story all over again for money and all these random people from the past talking about her private life for 15 minutes of fame.
  3. 2016ney coming through
  4. I'm glad they are having a good time around family and friends. Against all odds, Sam is turning out to be a really nice guy for her
  5. If she ever performs again, her new choreographers are going to have a really hard time trying to get rid of these new signature dance moves. It's like part of her expression now, they'll come out on stage eventually
  6. Maybe she should try and watch the whole doc, and not some bits that are probably out of context, before thinking they portrayed her as a dumb, crazy or unbalanced person. Quite the opposite... she was portrayed as a hard worker, a perfectionist and a sweetheart. She probably didn't like the media remembering 2006-2007 and maybe that's what she saw or was told about, but that's inevitable given what the documentary is about.
  7. At this point I'm not interested in any more documentaries unless it has Britney's side of the story told by herself
  8. Who gives her these questions? Where do they come from? She sounds sweet as always, but I just don't get it
  9. No photoshoot, no global release and zero promotion. It's easy for an executive to miss on these side projects that are probably managed by a small team within the company. Wasn't Sony the label that kept asking who Rita Ora was years after signing her?
  10. She probably doesn't even know about it. Looking at the tracklist, it looks like a quick fan-service compilation to bring in some cash. This kind of random releases sometimes happen because the artist's contract says they have to release a certain amount of albums in a period of time, I believe.
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