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  1. She hasn't been seen hitting the studio in the last couple years, so I don't really see B10 coming in at least a year or a year and a half.
  2. Her media team is hyping this as they sent a newsletter the other day to make sure everyone is subscribed to her mailing list and get to "hear Britney's new BIG announcement". It's pretty safe to say it is a new single, or a 20th anniversary compilation or a new residency. I can live with any of the three options, I just hope they come up with something good this time. It's her fucking 20th anniversary in the industry and she is a fucking ICON, she deserves the world
  3. Albums barely make money for her, while POM residency made huge numbers, so I guess we all can expect another one anytime soon. But making such a big announcement in a video on Ellen's youtube channel seems fucked up, even for her team. I think it will be some 20th anniversary thing to milk the fans, nothing too big
  4. maybe the pitbull & marc anthony collab thing has a latin vibe and she's getting into it
  5. It's better than Pretty Girls tbh... This instrumental was shopped everywhere. Little Mix also had a demo with it, I don't remember if it was Pretty Girls or they made it a different song.
  6. Knowing that these people paid a thousand bucks to get these pictures is tragic... To me the whole M&G concept is wrong and it looks a lot like prostitution (paying big money to say hello to your idol and take a picture with them). No wonder Britney feels so awkward and uncomfortable all the time. Stop this nonsense
  7. it's too soon for another residency. like i don't ever wanna see her performing work bitch again for at least 10 years
  8. Sorry but all these without-Myah edits sound like Britney is singing from the after life
  9. The tour sold so well she didn't need a buzz single to support it. I'm happy she didn't, because it would have been rushed and she wouldn't have made much promo considering she was busy with POM. Now it's time for her to enjoy her vacation, and maybe by the end of the year we'll have something
  10. They included the october date in the Tour t-shirt i bought in the concert, so I guess there's one more to go pd: thanks for the compilation, can't believe we've been watching POM clips for almost 5 years