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  1. I love reading stuff like this. She's just the best
  2. let's see your face so we can analyze it
  3. @estherilla Los pillé directamente de la web de tickets AXS
  4. Am I the only one thinking this might happen? Like the first time it didn't work out and Britney got axed, but now he's opening for her summer tour... I personally think it's a terrible idea, but it could happen
  5. @Lonely-Ass I got block 111, which looks like a pretty nice view from the videos I watched on YouTube. Around 145 pounds, though
  6. @☆☆☆BritardinaJoanne☆☆☆ Ohh, don't worry. I already got the tickets
  7. I'm thinking about buying tickets to see her there, because there aren't any dates in my country, so... does anyone know where the best seats are?
  8. I love seeing her training with Sam