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  1. I can't at people saying that's not Britney... c'mon, look at her arms, her body, her signature adidas sneakers!
  2. What I like about these hearings is that they cannot edit or manipulate what Britney says like they do on her interviews and social media.
  3. Some people are going crazy in the comment section because she said RED in capital letters, so that means she is in danger. Guuuurl, she's dancing in her underwear in her living room
  4. I'm starting to think the little clap-blacks Britney has been posting lately were not for her haters and the people commenting, but for the people trying to stop her from posting
  5. She is been playing her cards right lately, and everything is going to the right place one step at a time. Leak rebellion already and make it an early britmas party!
  6. She wants her conservatorship to be resolved all in the open!
  7. She looks so pretty here. She always glows without heavy make-up on (especially on her eyes) and that hairstyle is probably the best she's had since her 2016 beach waves during Glory promotions. It looks like all this time without promoting or being out there has been quite good for her hair actually
  8. Maybe it is her PR/social media team giving her a list with these questions to keep the attention off other issues. I don't think Britney would lose any of her time coming up with random stuff like that
  9. I think the people behind Jamie, I mean his lawyers and other people providing him different legal services and financial counsel, ended up making the conservatorship a profitable business for them. Removing all that people draining Britney would be the first step in my opinion. I don't think it's going to be easy to do that in court as they have probably safeguarded their position. That's where I think the #freebritney movement has actually helped, because it has shed some light on all the not-so-moral aspects of the conservatorship.
  10. But still, having Britney sing a song with those lyrics and not think about the implications... I know back in the day there was no #freebritney conspiracies, at least not like today, but even though she was ok with the conservatorship, she's always wanted more freedom than she has. Maybe she thought it was a cute song about God like other tracks on the album and didn't give it too much thought. Or maybe she was just playing her part and moving on to the next "gig". But to me it's just fucked up she ended up recording a song with those lyrics. The song is good, though. It could have been a pretty decent single.
  11. It's probably my favourite song on Britney Jean, but I can't listen to it because the lyrics seem like a blatant attempt to portray the conservatorship in a good light. I chose to believe it was a sex innuendo about being a bottom and it was fun to look at it that way, but deep down we all know it is about the conservatorship. She singing about it in such good spirits seems so fucked up to me, I don't know. There's something about Britney Jean alleged "personal songs" that gives me the total opposite vibe of what Britney really is. Like they were trying to portray her as this religious southern sweetheart, which we know she is, but not to such an extent.
  12. After reading what he said about Domination trying to be a public statement for her and that she was planning to perform Overprotected... How did we not see that when the whole thing was called D O M I N A T I O N ?
  13. I'm not saying it because the Super Bowl is important or a form of validation for the artist among the general public, but because it's pretty much the only option for them to do a 15 minute televised performance of their hits with such a big budget and production team. BBMA16 was cool, but it's not really the same.
  14. Kinda like what they did with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. I don't really like Christina, but I don't see Britney headlining the event for herself, or any artist at this point. Just imagine Britney's take on Dirrty or Genie, or Xtina during BOMT or Toxic. I think it would be the most epic thing to happen in pop music since their VMA performance with Madonna in 2003
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