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  1. wasn't jamie an alcoholic? i remember something about this being published back then, but i'm not sure if it's true. the amount of power a man like this has over his daughter doesn't make sense
  2. yay... new songs. i'll listen on youtube, but won't give team b a single dime
  3. I imagine she doesn't give a damn about it, but to me it is kinda fucked up her team keeps doing stuff like this when she's on hiatus and demanding certain circumstances for her to get back to work
  4. It's probably a reject from Glory, and it makes sense it didn't make the final cut in my opinion. Even though it has that progressive urban vibe like Mood Ring, it sounds more like Blur or Inside Out. Not really the overall 2016 tropical mid-tempo sound (Make Me, Slumber Party or Invitation) they were going after with the album. But yaaaay, I'm curious to hear the whole song
  5. Maybe her wrist is hurting and she's keeping it warm and in place so it doesn't get worse while doing yoga
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if there's something fishy behind the whole conservatorship that could get him in trouble once the judge starts blowing the lid off.
  7. I know, I don't even think she has gone through severe mental issues like they say, rather than depression, stress or anxiety. But if a judge dictates someone needs to be in a conservatorship for mental health reasons, it kinda makes sense that the amount of time that person spends working and the level of work-related stress she is exposed to gets regulated. Unless it's been all a facade and they have been pushing Britney from one place to the other without caring for her well-being. I also think she has set her own limitations to the amount of time she wants to spend working given how uncomfortable she is with her current situation, and it shows on how some routines are really watered down versions of what they are supposed to be. It obviously has nothing to do with her ability or her dancing skills.
  8. I was thinking something the other day about her dancing and how we always end up comparing her dancing before and after The Circus Tour. And I came to the theory that maybe one of the reasons her routines are not so intricate is because she is not allowed to work that much. I mean, given her alleged medical condition it wouldn't be safe for her to spend that much time in rehearsal or even in the studio, and expose herself to that level of stress. I see The Onyx Hotel Tour and I can only imagine how much time she had to put into every single one of the choreographies and how stressful that should have been for the whole team. I suppose one of the conditions of her going back to work so soon would have been to not push herself too much.
  9. I can't at people saying that's not Britney... c'mon, look at her arms, her body, her signature adidas sneakers!
  10. What I like about these hearings is that they cannot edit or manipulate what Britney says like they do on her interviews and social media.
  11. Some people are going crazy in the comment section because she said RED in capital letters, so that means she is in danger. Guuuurl, she's dancing in her underwear in her living room
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