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  1. I'm not saying it because the Super Bowl is important or a form of validation for the artist among the general public, but because it's pretty much the only option for them to do a 15 minute televised performance of their hits with such a big budget and production team. BBMA16 was cool, but it's not really the same.
  2. Kinda like what they did with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. I don't really like Christina, but I don't see Britney headlining the event for herself, or any artist at this point. Just imagine Britney's take on Dirrty or Genie, or Xtina during BOMT or Toxic. I think it would be the most epic thing to happen in pop music since their VMA performance with Madonna in 2003
  3. It was an old video that originally had different music when she posted it on her feed, but it was uploaded the other day on her stories with Kim's latest single. I love Kim Petras, but this shout-out just felt like it was her team and not Britney herself. When she does this type of thing she usually has something nice to say about the song or the artist. The same with movies and books. Honestly, I want Britney to focus on her music alone, but I wouldn't mind some collab with Kim Petras in the future. BTW this is Kim Petras in case you never heard of her
  4. while celebrities have teams managing their content and controlling every aspect of their feed, britney's ig is quite honest and authentic. sure, she has a team behind posting about her business, but when she posts about books and movies or just twirls in her sundress with bad make up on, you know that's 100% britney. no marketing. and i love it
  5. I can't wait for Team Britney to ask him to remove everything and stop milking Britney this way
  6. I mean, we've seen the cover art and the Make Me single pictures, and even got some MV footage, but there's got to be enough material for an entire album booklet. Will LaChapelle somebody leak those pictures?
  7. As always, she nailed that rehearsal. I honestly think she never liked HIAM and wasn't feeling much of what she was doing during FF era. Proof is she never tried to bring it back for POM or the world tour, even though it was a number 1 single and some fans were kinda vocal about it. I also don't think she was too happy or comfortable with Brian's work because they got rid of him after the promo performances and the tour was finally choreographed by her dancers.
  8. It is not a body double, it's a stand-in dancer. Britney couldn't care less about the reshoots the director had to do and didn't bother to come back to set after the time that was originally scheduled.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with the age difference, because I think Britney doesn't have the mindset of a regular person who's in their late 30s. I don't say this to call her dumb, because I don't believe she is. But her situation is so unique (legally she is practically a teenager) and the industry and has taken so much from her that she deserves to feel in her 20s for another decade or so.
  10. To be honest, the first thing that came to my mind is her being in chains, just like she insisted on being filmed in a cage for the video, resulting in both the video and the pictures being scrapped. I think the #FreeBritney movement is a mess and out of proportion, but I'm pretty sure LaChapelle's work was sabotaged by her handlers because there were too many references to her personal situation. Britney ain't stupid and she knew what she was doing here and the message she wanted to send, and someone clearly didn't want that. PS: I still have my doubts about the music video, but this cover art would have been the best in her career. By far
  11. I never liked the choreo he came up with for HIAM. Not really Britney's style, and she wasn't feeling it at the time. I remember the breakdown was such a letdown (I would have loved something like Break The Ice breakdown instead), and the last chorus was kinda messy and unappealing. But then again, FF beats didn't exactly give her a chance to shine on stage. I'm sure Domination would have been a nice turnaround for her dancing, since they she was trying more urban approach to her catalogue. Sadly, we'll never know
  12. is this an official release by her team, though?
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