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  1. People know she doesn't sing live, they know she doesn't dance like she used to, and they know she doesn't look like she did in her prime. But they still pay top money to see her in concert and I don't see absolutely anyone complaining about the show. Only haters and journalists that don't really understand what a Britney show is about. The show had a rough start in 2013 (choreography, energy, outfits, wigs...), but she's come a long way since then.
  2. She could add Coupure Électrique to the show and do a yoga number for it tbh
  3. ok, but who's gonna sue will.i.am for producing a weak-ass 2011 album and release it in 2013/2014 as if no one would notice? WHOOOO?
  4. I think it is one of the best tracks on Circus, and I even would have made it the second single. I never liked Circus, found it kinda boring and plain, like all the singles Dr. Luke has produced for her.
  5. OMG! Your mum is flawless tbh. She nailed the Glory cover
  6. Well, that's the purpose of the character and the sketch, so I guess they are doing it right
  7. who is this woman and where has she been for the past 5 years?
  8. she looks hot, but it's pretty obvious her face and body are from different pictures... That, or they messed up her hair by adding some extra layers on photoshop PS: can we get an outfit like this for the tour? crop tops and low waist shorts ftw