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  1. I love Giorgio, I hope they get to work together again
  2. I love what she said about the song. I miss her talking about her music. I hope she starts working on new music soon
  3. She looks like she's getting some rest after all these crazy months and enjoying the summer, and it shows on her face
  4. Get those POM moves, girl! It's like Piece Of Me Home Edition
  5. I don't understand a thing about her life and personal situation and I think we know shit about her restrictions and what she can or can't do according to her conservatorship. But I love her and I really hope she gets what she wants
  6. I don't see an easy way out of this for her and I fear for her well-being. Millions of people have mental issues and go to work, take care of their kids, make their own decisions... Based on what we know, which could be little to nothing, I think she could have full control of her life and career with the help of a group of qualified counselors and advisors. No need for a conservatorship at this point. But we don't know her medical records, so...
  7. New Britney, new team, new projects, new music. There's nothing on Britney Jean that's worth coming back to. The album sounded like a bunch of rejects from will.i.am and David Guetta from their 2011 projects.
  8. Not only the song choice could be a message about her current situation, but also posting a video of her dancing seems like a direct message to Larry lol
  9. I hope she takes some time off and comes back with an amazing album telling her story in her own words from a creative point of view. I feel it is what she has always wanted
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