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  1. No photoshoot, no global release and zero promotion. It's easy for an executive to miss on these side projects that are probably managed by a small team within the company. Wasn't Sony the label that kept asking who Rita Ora was years after signing her?
  2. She probably doesn't even know about it. Looking at the tracklist, it looks like a quick fan-service compilation to bring in some cash. This kind of random releases sometimes happen because the artist's contract says they have to release a certain amount of albums in a period of time, I believe.
  3. It's one of the most repetitive/boring songs I've ever heard from her. It's plain, it doesn't build up properly and it doesn't fit Glory at all
  4. Felicia is one of the few people from Team B I can actually trust. She seems like she genuinely cares about Britney.
  5. This hair kinda reminds me of her ABC special during In The Zone promotions. Love it
  6. Interesting. He is asking for 4 more months so he can keep investigating them and asking for documents while they are still in charge. Sounds like he is trying to find proof of something he still doesn't know how to prove yet.
  7. I don't want her work to flop and I'm glad the song is having some sort of momentum, but it is not fair for her to have her team scheduling releases when she is refusing to work. I don't like the song and I think it is weak as fuck, but I see some potential to become a radio hit.
  8. i can't at team britney trying to make a "hit" out of this song. the sad thing is they might have a chance. the song is getting tons of streams and it is so radio friendly i feel it's going to do better than britney's last singles
  9. Her team also posted a promo for Glory blatantly impersonating her writing and highlighting the collab with BSB
  10. I think Swimming in the Stars has really good lyrics, the synth is nice and the vocal arrangement is also good. But the melody is kinda heavy for a song that's supposed to feel cute and sweet, and the 2009 rnb beat kinda kills the whole thing. It would have been a good filler track... in Femme Fatale or Circus, but not in Glory. Matches is a mess, though.
  11. The song is really weak anyways. It's worse than whatever song you consider the worst track on Glory and it sounds like every Dr. Luke pop song from 2012-2013. They shouldn't have released it, even if Britney was cool with this re-release, which she's not
  12. It's like a two-car crash reflected on different mirrors/platforms. Maybe it features some set that we didn't get to see in the video. She's wearing an outfit from Make Me music video I think
  13. Fuck you Team B, you could have done this in the first place By the way, Matches is a collab with Backstreet Boys...
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