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  1. It shows just how mature and collected she is by talking about her past with Justin so naturally. She really is the sweetest
  2. I can't wait for Team CON B to release the Glory rejects album without an official Instagram account to promote it
  3. Of course RCA is going to try and make cash out of this momentum. Recycling stuff from the past is classic Team B and they will try and release it before Team CON is dissolved for sure. By the way, the idea of a new album where all the songs are composed and written by the same two or three producers terrifies me. It's probably all the material from the writing camp that didn't make the cut
  4. You know that's an instagram filter, right?
  5. Pretty solid album. Definitely her best work in a decade and one of the best pop albums of 2016.
  6. Cassie! She said conservatorship on instagram. Get your ass to work and remove that caption!
  7. I know she is focused on more important matters right now, but I feel she lowkey wants to be back in the game. We are not ready for her comeback
  8. She looks stunning and it seems like her mind is in such a good place right now
  9. The fact that the conservatorship started after she allegedly locked herself in the bathroom in 2008 says it all
  10. omg jamie went to hawaii with them?
  11. @heather I always thought the conservatorship was abusive and her dad/family just wanted to make profit of her situation. But I chose to believe she was happy with it because she had found some kind of balance, based on the lies they have been feeding us. I never imagined she was being forced to work, even though she didn't really look into it for many years. For the last 10 years, every time she made an appearance or a performance people would say she was mentally ill because she looked or sounded like she didn't want to be there. Well, the thing is most of those times she didn't want to be there, hence her discomfort. It was right after Domination sudden cancellation and the bullshit story about Jamie's near-to-death anal fissure that I started to feel something else was going on. But I never imagined it would be this disturbing.
  12. Antibacterial hand-gel what the fuck?!
  13. I love that she's feeling rebellious
  14. She got paid 15 million dollars for The X-Factor in 2012, plus what she made in Vegas, which was around 1 million dollars per week... and it went on for 3 years. It just doesn't make any sense. Where the fuck is all the money, Jamie?
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