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What I think about Liberation and The Light Is Coming

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Hey guys, I'd first like to say sorry for being gone for so long but I am back for good , *I promise* 

Let's start with my thoughts on Liberation. 


I Was a little disappointed about the songs, I was expecting more upbeat songs like Accelerate * I LOVE that song* :happywalk:. Literally the only bop on there was Accelerate, I was expecting more of them.:youpoorthing: 

Too many interludes

I felt like there were too many interludes , I don't really like them.

Messy concept.

I don't really get the concept / the albums not very cohesive . I don't really get Xtina at this point.


Overall thoughts. / Score

She should Have made a LOTIS II that album was SICKENING.  I get that she is evolving , i'm just confused. 

Score : 4/10

P.S I know the album came out a week ago.


The light is Coming


Great song. I lOVE IT. 

The hook is repetitive I wish she (Ari) could've cut some parts of the hook out. I wish the beat was stronger. 

Overall , Great song:smiling:

Nicki's verse was great too!


What are your thoughts?

Remember this is all just my opinion!

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.





















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