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  1. Maybe there are wrong people around her who forced her to do this...
  2. Found it: http://latestplasticsurgery.com/britney-spears-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-photos/
  3. Tbh how can I pretend she is a perfect girl? She is not. We know it and only what about im talking is she did wrong and unnecessary desisions and I just want to know why?...I dont want to say her what she must do. Maybe I wish she could know what we all think about it and she is beautiful without any surgery.
  4. Dont tell me she did it at young age? Why??? Do we know in what age she did it for the 1st time?
  5. What about her demo version (Bonus Remix)? It deserves anniversary videomix of 1997-2004 career
  6. Okay, but there was not any reason about changing her mouth content. She never was on drugs or something else that she lost her teeth, so why she did it? Her smile is perfect in whole life/career tbh.
  7. tbh idgi why she did it. They were perfect, like her old nose
  8. I think she has fake teeth now....since 2014 or more probably 2015 she has it! --- --- Your opinions of it please