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  1. I also think that this is the best cover she i has ever done [emoji7] very creative
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to share my opinion on the new Glory album art. It's a great photo, but here is my theory and thoughts. With the current #Freebritney circumstances - I feel like her and Britney's team might have leaked this because it will get people talking. It's probably a marketing tool. fans will probably be paranoid since the photo is of Britney chained up. She and her team probably did this on purpose. I said before, I do believe in Freebritney, but I always felt like fans and the media are overdramatising it. I wonder if this leaked intentionally? What do you guys think? Remember, this is just my thoughts.
  3. Hey guys. So , I really want Kim petras to put out a clarity cd. I am a big fan of Kim and I don't think it's fair that the album has been out for almost a year and we still have not gotten a CD version. I know we have streaming services but I love buying the physical versions and plus , she's already done a vinyl. Do you guys agree?
  4. lol. i love this! it's my favourite post from her. i can already see the crazy comments . those fans are gonna lose it.
  5. Hey guys. I did some angel cards for Britney , i will explain them. With the first card , I asked is she dealing with the hate comments , and is she in a good head space? the answer was yes , yay! The next 3 are messages for her. three fell out. Recovery So this card means that she's been recovering recently with her well being in general and that the best thing for her to do is rest. Big happy changes Keep in mind , I did not ask about the Freebritney thing , this is just a general reading for her. This card says that after her recovery process , there will be big positive things happening in her life in every area! No need to worry This probably means that her fans probably Exhale fans , need to stop worrying about her. This next question I asked was Will she release any new music? Perfect timing This card probably means that she is recording or about to release some new music. it's been a while , sis. Disclaimer : If you are not into this sort of stuff it's okay! just sharing this with you guys , please don't send hate.
  6. @heather @heather @sairaannopee99 you guys are sooooo right. i heard a theory that she was being held at gunpoint.... and that's probably not true . that even got me really scared tho. ima say this - dont believe anything unless she says/tells us directly that's it.
  7. hey guys , i know i have not posted in a long while , but , i wanted to address brit's instagram content. i feel like fans are really overreacting lately. if you think about it, the post are really wholesome and harmless. i do believe in #freebritney , but i always felt like fans/ media was hyping it up. i think it's really unfair that fans are overthinking it and making her feel terrible! the truth is , we don't know what's going on , only Britney does... i feel like the B Army is always looking for drama... and it bothers me , she will come out of this strong. i promise please don't send me hate , it's just my opinion.
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