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  1. I also think that this is the best cover she i has ever done [emoji7] very creative
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to share my opinion on the new Glory album art. It's a great photo, but here is my theory and thoughts. With the current #Freebritney circumstances - I feel like her and Britney's team might have leaked this because it will get people talking. It's probably a marketing tool. fans will probably be paranoid since the photo is of Britney chained up. She and her team probably did this on purpose. I said before, I do believe in Freebritney, but I always felt like fans and the media are overdramatising it. I wonder if this leaked intentionally? What do you guys think? Remember, this is just my thoughts.
  3. Hey guys. So , I really want Kim petras to put out a clarity cd. I am a big fan of Kim and I don't think it's fair that the album has been out for almost a year and we still have not gotten a CD version. I know we have streaming services but I love buying the physical versions and plus , she's already done a vinyl. Do you guys agree?
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