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  1. This is true, but I was mainly noting that albums #2-4 are still available at all. BOMT hasn't been brought back after its first two releases sold out. I'm surprised that the others haven't sold out in their second runs. Also, BO took longer than I thought it would to sell out.
  2. Interesting, indeed ... the quality on the leaked tracks was pretty top notch, too. I did eventually realize it was uploaded as a podcast and I was so confused.
  3. Interesting that, so far, BOMT is the only one they did the two stealth releases of and haven't restocked. Albums #2-4 are still on there with no mention of the "5,000 copies only" like BOMT and Blackout.
  4. Their stance is pretty much my stance. The FreeBritney movement has bothered me, not because I don’t believe they couldn’t be right about certain things, but mental illness is very multifaceted. She can be capable of work, but also struggle hard in other parts of her life. Harder than anyone else does. I love Brad Stern, I think he’s highly rational, and these opinions should not be silenced just because some (a very small part) of the Britney army has made up their minds on one narrative. I think there’s multiple narratives at play that can be true because, mental illness or not, that’s life. Life isn’t flat, it’s complicated. Britney’s situation included.
  5. I agree with @sairaannopee99, I think most of the time there's no source. Journalists (real journalists) have a right to protect their sources, which is why so many end up being anonymously quoted. People fear for their lives or livelihoods against powerful people, but journalists can help them get their word out there without repercussions. Unfortunately, I think a lot of tabloids use it as a loophole to make up lies. Or they hack phones a la Piers Morgan lol. Either way, scummy.
  6. This is the part I think most people miss. “Rumor is” or “I’ve heard” is so totally different than “He is definitely doing this.” Tabloids rarely get sued for a reason, wording is everything.
  7. [EDIT] And it's gone. I have no clue why this exists, but it has that Hey Ma song (w/ Pitbull) as well as State of Grace, (Tell Me) Am I A Sinner, 911, and more. Listen while you can before they pull it!
  8. Source: https://theblast.com/97299/britney-spears-dad-back-in-court-in-battle-with-britney-fan-dema?fbclid=IwAR1vt7ibDQfwFGV9gAZWq5G6PEF1QH_3B9JYVtomgI5uwGjqCtgm1UNmn1U I had honestly forgotten about this lawsuit. Britney Spears' Dad Back in Court to Battle With Britney Fan, Demands Injunction Britney Spears dad is pressing forward with his legal battle against one of her fans, accusing him of spreading lies about his daughter. ADVERTISEMENT According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jamie Spears is updating the court on his lawsuit against a Britney superfan named Anthony Steven aka Anthony Elia. Spears accused Steven of defamation, over claims Britney’s team was removing negative comments from her social media. In newly filed documents, Spears says “the parties are currently discussing alternative paths to possibly resolve the matter. However, Defendant resumed posting false and disparaging statements regarding Plaintiff.” ADVERTISEMENT Jamie is moving the lawsuit forward and demanding damages. He is also seeking an injunction prohibiting Steven from writing about Britney or himself. Steven has yet to respond to the lawsuit. ADVERTISEMENT Earlier this year, Jamie Spears, sued Steven aka Anthony Elia accusing him of defamation. ADVERTISEMEN Steven, who runs the Instagram account "Absolute Britney”, allegedly claimed Britney’s team had doctored her Instagram page to make her seem unstable. That account made headlines with a post claiming that Spears' team has been "deleting positive comments on her Instagram post and leaving negative ones to keep up the illusion that she needs help." Britney and Jamie Spears (who filed the lawsuit in his role as conservator over Britney) claim they "have sat by while fans accused them of numerous false and malicious things, including attempts to mislead the public with the content that appears on her social media." ADVERTIS
  9. Oops, I meant Jason! I don't know why I always think of David. I felt she rarely looked completely comfortable with him and his being her co-conservator was always hella suspicious to me. Not because of money, but because who would do that over someone they're dating? Unless it wasn't real. Or maybe it was about the money.
  10. Finally getting around to reading this, but I'd like to point out one line in particular: Lynne, Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari and even ex-husband Kevin are there for Britney: their split in 2007 was acrimonious but they have turned a corner. I know there are some fans on here who are distrustful of Sam, but honestly they've been together for awhile now, he seems to truly make her happy (contrast their photos/videos with when David was her "boyfriend") and until proven otherwise, let's back off the hateful comments on his IG. They're unnecessary. And even though I side eye him - the same goes for Kevin, the father of her children who has developed a great co-parenting relationship with her (it appears).
  11. I need to put on a damn alert or something because I REFUSE to miss Blackout lmao.
  12. Omg yaaassss queen! I just ordered all 3, thank you thank you thank you, @heather!
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