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  1. I think it's gonna be a residency announcement since she's doing it in Las Vegas.
  2. I can't believe she went on Ellen to announce ... an announcement. lmao MESS. Just give us the new residency dates, sis. I'm ready to buy my tickets.
  3. I know right, that’s what kind of ticks me off about it.
  4. I am! I wasn't initially, but my ma is visiting with one of her friends and they bought weekend passes. They can only see Bruno because they have to leave Sunday so they're giving me their wristbands for Britney on Sunday! I'm super excited, too. Did you do the upgrade to be closer to the stage?
  5. Because she was invited to be the lead performer for the Formula 1 race. Bruno Mars is that Saturday, she performs that Sunday. I'm just happy Miss Britney is coming to my city (and I'll get to see her).
  6. I thought I saw a response from her team on this, that yes, she will be doing her entire POM show in Austin.
  7. I think he’s probably perfect for what she wants from her career at this time.
  8. I'm good, luv. I don't think their voices or styles suit each other at all so this would just be a nostalgia play. Amazing how Christina and her team shaded Britney for the Vegas thing and now how much she keeps talking about Britney for relevancy.
  9. I don't really listen to podcasts ever, but I did enjoy this one: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-722718/ You can tell they're Britney fans and completely respect her influence on music (and not just pop music). Someone's a fan of E-mail My Heart! DA-dun-dun! Twenty years ago this October, a Louisiana-bred, not-quite 17-year-old Mickey Mouse Club vet named Britney Spears released her Swedish fireball of a debut single, “…Baby One More Time” – and the Nineties as we knew them were instantly over. On the latest episode of the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, Rob Sheffield and Brittany Spanos join host Brian Hiatt to discuss all things Britney. To hear the episode, press play below or download and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. Topics include the making of the song, Spears’ initial singer-songwriter ambitions, the rise of Max Martin, rock bands’ infatuation with covering the song, the greatness of “Sometimes,” the glories of the TRL era, Spears’ initial image as what Sheffield describes as a “sex cyborg from Sweden” and much more. Our panel also traces the influence of TLC and Soft Cell on Spears’ vocal style, reminisces about Sheffield’s 2000 interview with Spears (she hated her second album and was desperate for a vacation) and breaks down some all-but-forgotten tracks on her 1999 debut album, from the baffling, dancehall-inflected “Soda Pop” to the prescient dial-up anthem “E-Mail My Heart.”
  10. Cody Spearz was my intro to Twitter stan culture. I jump in and out of that (because some stans of any pop star/band are fucking psychotic and I'm not here for that), but I do appreciate his feed. He's all so hardcore into supporting disadvantaged groups and speaking out on misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc. He seems like a very interesting person.
  11. Jump by Julia Michaels, in case anyone hasn't heard it. I am *obsessed* with this song rn. I honestly play it at least 10x/day. It started to grow on me and has overtaken Cardi B's I Like It as my current favorite song of the summer. There's also a very good acoustic version. Enjoy (andstreamslumberpartyonituneslove)!
  12. I highly recommend Stripped! It has some of the typical Christina problems - screaming vocals, unnecessary fillers, cohesion issues - but it's honestly one of the best pop albums from that decade. She was filled with so much emotion and I think it came through, in a very good way.
  13. I'm in a little bit of a disagreement. I think Accelerate was an absolute mess of a song. She should've released Like I Do as the lead single - it's perfect for the summer. But I agree on the overall concept - I don't even know what it is. She still has zero identity. Also, those interludes! I was talking to a co-worker about it and we both agreed that they were very unnecessary and they just didn't work in general. What's disappointing to me is this isn't the effort I would expect from a woman nearly 20 years in the game. This sounds like a sophomore effort, not album #6.