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  1. I'm in a little bit of a disagreement. I think Accelerate was an absolute mess of a song. She should've released Like I Do as the lead single - it's perfect for the summer. But I agree on the overall concept - I don't even know what it is. She still has zero identity. Also, those interludes! I was talking to a co-worker about it and we both agreed that they were very unnecessary and they just didn't work in general. What's disappointing to me is this isn't the effort I would expect from a woman nearly 20 years in the game. This sounds like a sophomore effort, not album #6.
  2. Christina did way better than I anticipated tbh. Still obviously not great sales (and absolutely terrible streaming numbers), but for a woman who hasn't put out an album in 6 years, had shaky promo (imo) and non-charting singles, this isn't too bad. I've listened to the album. It's one of the better ones she's done in years, but that's not saying much. Like I Do, Maria, and Sick of Sittin' are bops.
  3. Slaaaaaaay! Easily my favorite album by her as well and her best one. FF > BO >> Britney
  4. This tbh. Where I lived at the time was downtown of a sizable city and when I would go out with friends, TTWE was guaranteed to be playing at, at least a few of the clubs and bars. I remember walking down the street to a popular hangout spot with a friend and a car rolled past blasting it. My friend started dancing and singing and she was definitely not a Britney fan. That era started off massive. I think the only ones who consider the album a flop or non-impactful are delusional fans. It sold very well. No comment on the tour (which I didn’t hate as much as others tbh).
  5. I agree. I listened to FIL again and I just can't get into it. Also read on Church of Pop that it's expected to debut at #98. Xtina fans can't be coming for Britney when their fave is doing numbers like THAT. Once again, said as a mild Xtina fan.
  6. I really like Twice, but I don’t know about FIL. This billboard performance is going to be a lot of screaming and I don’t think I’m ready.
  7. Remember that article on her start and those execs who said her Whitney demo was awful - I have no clue what they were talking about it. For a girl who’d had no full formal vocal training I thought it sounded damn good. I love that BOMT demo, too.
  8. Is someone selling these? That would be creepy.
  9. I can’t believe she is trying to do a tour. Her new single is bombing - who th is going to buy tickets? And I say this as someone who generally likes Xtina.
  10. They asked her about the highest note she could hit. I found her response awkward tbh. It was just weird. I don’t dislike her, but her little comeback media tour has been weird.
  11. I don’t drink Pepsi, but I need to grab one of these!
  12. I’m with Slave4Brit, that shit ugly as hell lmao.
  13. I LOVE that green on J. Lo’s wearing. That woman’s body is amazing.