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  1. omg i love it - i'm going to buy a print!
  2. This is a lovely note, and I agree on all accounts.
  3. Holy shit ... I wanted to believe the best in him because he’s her father, but seriously fuck him. I came here to see what was up after I found this: http://www.justjared.com/2020/09/15/britney-spears-lawyer-puts-conservatorship-team-on-blast-for-expensive-fees/ She needs far far away from Jaime.
  4. In case anyone doesn't know about Tory Lanez: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/9421488/megan-thee-stallion-tory-lanez-what-we-know tl;dr He and Megan Thee Stallion attended a party at Kylie Jenner's house one evening They got into an argument in his car and he allegedly shot her in the foot as she was walking away after exiting the vehicle (I *strongly* believe he did this) In the ensuing months, he and his team spread lies and misinformation to take the heat off of himself and make Megan look bad This includes faking emails from her management team to news outlets (https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/9456067/tory-lanez-megan-thee-stallion-300-entertainment-emails) This was all done to humiliate Megan and promote his album because he is literal scum He has continued to try and gain press off of this incident and even shot a music video in NYC the same day Megan was there for SNL (lots of people think he did this on purpose, for intimidation) There's other stuff of him generally harassing women, both famous and not, so this Britney inclusion, while sad, isn't surprising. He's a misogynistic prick, and it's best not to give him any views or listens.
  5. The part I’m most excited about is her wanting the gag order lifted. Like yaaassss queen, let the world know wtf is going on! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  6. I agree with this fully. I still refuse to speculate on the personal matters that the conservatorship may touch, but I do think it’s increasingly clear that her family - ALL of them - needs to be disassociated with running/managing it. And having someone else managing her money makes sense. I can’t imagine any celebrity being able to successfully handle all those different avenues of revenue. That type of request isn’t abnormal for someone like her.
  7. Oof, ngl the $40 price tag has me hesitating ... but I feel like I'll also regret not buying it lol.
  8. Welcome to the forums MakeMySugarFall :)

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