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  1. I’m not sure it was just one article that did it. I know there were several on here that Anthony was called out on by members. I think he got caught up in the FreeBritney movement and it’s coming back to bite him. Fans seem to forget that there are real people involved in this. You don’t have to agree with their every move, but we also don’t know these people (including Britney) or all of the details of literally anything. Any “insiders” for any celebrity are willing to give away info for money, fame, or just regular ole attention, to feel important. When tabloids do this, they are incredibly careful with their language because no one likes being sued! Also, that second paragraph wasn’t directed at you, @Domino, I’m just adding my two cents to the convo overall. 😆
  2. I think they’re the same brand. The one on the right is just facing backwards, but the blues on both labels appear to be the same and I do not think it’s Fiji.
  3. Agreed. I mean, they presumably have way more money than Anthony has to fight this. So many court cases get settled or dismissed because the individual just can't keep spending and taking time off to go to court, etc. And yeah, after I read more about CA's defamation laws, it appears the burden of proof could easily be shifted to Anthony if Papa Spears can say for sure 1) The statements are false and 2) They led to death threats. Not a very high bar there.
  4. Here's a better link, directly related to California's defamation laws: http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/california-defamation-law This part is interesting because I don't think this is universal, but it is part of CA's defamation code: Yikes.
  5. LOL - well, I think they're mainly hoping to scare Anthony and/or possibly bury him in legal fees and paperwork. Jamie Spears & team have the advantage of time and money on their side. That being said, as @heather mentioned in another thread, defamation is hard to prove for public figures. This site has a good round-up on suing for defamation, for anyone who's curious: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/defamation-law-made-simple-29718.html I've highlighted the areas that are most pertinent to this case. I guess Papa Spears could say he got death threats because of Anthony's posts? Tbh, though, that seems hard enough to prove unless he has evidence directly connecting the two.
  6. Don’t forget when you called out Anthony here, @HeadstrongWolf! I’m sure Britney and her team know you’re one of the good ones.
  7. I mean, that definitely happens with some celebs, right? The paparazzi team for this is denying they did anything, but the photos and videos from that day are wildly different.
  8. Omg good point about the main page lmao. Quiet af now. 🤔
  9. I feel like those of us who are older/closer in age to Britney are much more sympathetic and understanding than these young new fans. It really is out of hand and I’m glad she’s standing up for herself.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByjUuZPAs_j/?igshid=kttt7fyfw50k
  11. That video was, is, and forever will be fucking awful. I could absolutely believe Britney didn't want it released. Her filming it doesn't prove she liked it - she wouldn't have known what the final product was without filming everything and seeing at least a rough edit. For all we know she may have been ok with various scenes and then once she saw the edit, changed her mind. It happens with movies and music videos all the time.
  12. This makes it make a lot more sense, though why they would want to now to extend the c-ship makes the whole thing very curious ...
  13. I love it! Never heard of the singer, though.
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