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OMGGG This New Madonna Song!!!


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This is clearly not a Celeb forum (& i have a good sense it's not gonna be like Exhell where they bash u for it) but This instrumental for Madonna's New song "Unapologetic Bitch" fucking SLAYSSSSSS  :crying1:  :clap:  like bitch hello!!!! I would die for this kind of sound for a Britney track that's not a single!! a good solid urban pop album and a song like this would be considered a "filler track" but it would be so good! and serve the pop side esp if its an urban album...i really cant wait to see what Madge has in store 

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Awww shit, this is a total groove, this is going on my electrofunk high playlist fer sher, regardless if it's Madonna or not. Mayhaps now is time to spark up? ;)


LOVE IT! It's like Music meets COADF   :excited:


This is spot on^ is that really the cover of the album tho? She looks better than usual, but the color choices remind me of a toothpaste ad :aintevenmad:

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It's not Madonna according to DrownedMadonna but they have been wrong before so I guess until an official confirmation is revealed, it can be anyone. I can't see Janet doing something like this so this "dance shiftshaping legend" has to be Madonna or someone else. I would not buy it being Gaga or some other new girl.

The title of this song is called "We R' Superstars."

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