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FIFA World Cup thread - j lo's performing!

Guest Zooey Deschanel

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Guest Zooey Deschanel










I'm Croatia atm. on 13th we have some city holiday. its always like a big circus full of drunk people. i hope we

loose from brazil on the 12th so the circus will be ruined the next day.


...and the fact people are buying Brazilian t-shirts here.... :gloria:







Brazil vs. Croatia 9 p.m. BST/4 p.m. ET Sao Paulo June 13 Mexico vs. Cameroon 5 p.m. BST/12 p.m. ET Natal June 17 Brazil vs. Mexico 8 p.m. BST/3 p.m. ET Fortaleza June 18 Cameroon vs. Croatia 8 p.m. BST/3 p.m. ET Manaus June 23 Cameroon vs. Brazil 9 p.m. BST/4 p.m. ET Brasilia June 23 Croatia vs. Mexico 9 p.m. BST/4 p.m. ET Recife



who's excited for the big embarrassment of Croats (they say they'll beat Brazil) ?



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Guest Zooey Deschanel

I can't watch every game cause the TV channel playing like half of them is a paid one and I don't have it ! I only care for France and the UK.

What about you ?


i only care about croatia and bosnia



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