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  1. Gimme more and slave 4 u GM for obvious reason, and slave literally shaved off her good girl image that made her famous completely. So yes it's kinda daring
  2. lol i mean for the backing vocal. keri doesn't even sound like britney
  3. You could die doens' t even make any sense and it's the opposite of fierce (obv she's tryna be fierce in this song) so... Its totally chic-a-tah
  4. Circus (ooze sexiness and swag tbh) > FFT (original choreo) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> vegas (too choreograph, doesn't seem natural, she's a lil stiff)
  5. She gives no fuck and makes it a little fiercer than the actual one And on this one she actually did the routine right. On the live one she walks to the left before rihanna, realized it, and stop for a sec Not a biggie tho
  6. Or gimme more original version for me I can't at ppl wanting unreleased songs. It could be myah or someone else's voice for all we know
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