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  1. Happy Birthday WilhelminaSlater!

  2. Who r u on Exwitz ? I can't access the forum rn. WTF?
  3. I went back to Exhale ! This place is so boring ! Even if Exwitz is dead the fun and bitching is still alive !
  4. I always get the right ones ! I like all types of men as long as they're handsome !
  5. I've known some German guys. Lemme tell you something, I was a mess after the whole bed thing. In other words, it was hella good !
  6. There are big sausages everywhere don't lie ! Share sis !
  7. I don't, I thought you were some handsome twink with a huge D ! I'm disappointed !
  8. I'm used to handsome dudes and still looking for new ones !
  9. Can they do that ? It won't be closed ! It's just gonna die and that's it ! Jordan will move on cause he's got a name but with the bad move, his reputation is not so good anymore !
  10. I'll ask that when Exhale is officially dead which will happen soon !
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