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Anyone In Baltimore?


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I know it's not Britney related, but this is at least of important nature. Is anyone in Baltimore? With all the rioting going on... I'm a Marylander born and raised, and Bmore is about 30 minutes from me, I just wanted to see if any of you were there, and if you are doing ok...



It's making National News and Ray Lewis made a video aimed at the violent rioters/looters... it'd be interesting to see another big star like Britney tweet prayers and support

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Where I was born💚 it's sad what's going on, but it's still a wonderful city with a lot of history. I'm im Florida now, but have family and friends in Baltimore.

It really is a great city and very unique. I think it's highly underrated and I am sad how people see it now. I hope the attention turns to positive to help the low income communities

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