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  1. Britney has several tattoos. But I too wonder about the now missing star and replacement tattoo with the triangle. She has the fairy on her lower back. vine and butterfly on her foot. Daisy on her toe. Chinese on her right hip (With a flower around it and added more later on) Cross on her left hip. Kabbalah symbol on the back of her neck. Lips on her wrist. And Dice on the other wrist. And now what was ONCE a star is now a triangle on her hand. When did did she remove the star? And when did she get the triangle?
  2. It's BEAUTIFUL! She gave us something completely fresh and different. This is the best era so far since In The Zone, to me! Am I 14 again?!
  3. The day I saw she had shaved her hair I cried. It was like being a hopeless friend who couldn't just reach out and give your friend a hug. It wasn't a fun time.
  4. "I don't really wanna be a tease, so would you un-do my zipper please?" Has always been iconic to me.
  5. Happy Birthday Sirdylanmerlot!

  6. Banned commercials mean they can no longer be played on television.
  7. Looking at her old interviews. And watching the latest interviews. What a beautiful girl dealt with behind the scenes. Makes me sad. I hope Britney is finding the woman she is meant to be. We are all beings, trying to be the best of what we are. I can't imagine all my flaws portrayed for the world to see. Let's praise the beautiful woman Britney has become.
  8. I always refer to myself as a "Britard" cuz it's funny. But no. #BritneyArmy4life
  9. It's a video of Britney in a diner. Admiring the chaos around her. As she sits there sipping her coffee, she remains invincible like any other normal human being. Until "I feel someone looking at me so I raise my head..." And it's Britney staring into the diner at some girl, admiring her peacefulness, as the paparazzi continue to flash behind her. It was all a day dream. An image Brit wished upon herself.
  10. She brought pop music BACK to that stage. It was perfect! She and Iggy did so well, I loved the chemistry. Cheers to them both. Brit deserves to sleep tight with a smile on her face tonight.
  11. "Disappointed"?! my sister texted me with so much EXCITMENT over that performance. She did great! Looked wayyyyy hot in that outfit. Something I didn't expect at this time for her. And the way she hugged Iggy at the end. #flawless. I'm proud and excited for her. Happy as hell on this neck of the woods. #gostanfortaylor hahaha
  12. It's cool and all, I just really can't believe Brit is still so shook from everything. We all deep down know we wish and want the same thing, Britney, to feel and bring it and PROVE to the world what we all STILL believe in... I pray she will find her comfort and realize she was and IS a star for a reason... Xo GODSpeed.
  13. Oh I LOVE IT! Compliments the song perfectly!
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