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  1. None of that is funny wtf is wrong with people
  2. Why can't anyone pass info around without being dramatic AF
  3. No...This song is about Gaga not being interested in a record label that is all talk but doesn't deliver what it promises
  4. thankyou! the next few are Slave 4 U, Pretty Girls, Till the World Ends, Gimme More and Break the Ice
  5. Thanks I hope that's a good thing haha I was envisioning tour remixes when I made this
  6. I need video of that gif right now haha
  7. In honor of 17 years of Britney, I decided to put out this remix of Baby One More Time. On Jan 30th (yesterday) in 1999, it hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100. This is one of many edit's I've done that I'll be working on and putting out this year. I've made a video on YouTube and also added it to my soundcloud. Hope some of you like it
  8. Why watch an entire awards show to see only one person. Not hating on anyone, I just couldn't do it. Congrats Britney tho
  9. She's never performing it again. Just like she's not gonna do "Not a Girl" those songs were written essentially alongside Crossroads and the theme within the songs is about coming of age. Britney's grown now.
  10. She's doing her own "You Don't Own Me" for B9. Bet
  11. That did not need clearing up. Unless people are really daft. Correction* I can understand people not getting it if English wasn't their first language
  12. To Love Let Go (That was a hasty decision... You know damn well we can't pick just one haha)
  13. She does campy humor pretty well. I wanna see something dark tho. I want her to guest on Supernatural. And she was alright on Crossroads. The crying in the bathroom was the main thing that looked authentic and isn't easy to contrive
  14. Someone still needs to put up the REAL UHQ picture
  15. I don't understand people tagging a photo they didn't take/don't own. I'd like a UHQ because I could use it for something instead of just looking at it on a website.
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