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Do Muslim Men Wear Thing To Cover There Face

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so in the traffic lights i looked over to to the lane beside me and there was a middle eastern man driving with material covering his face.i know he is from the middle east cos ireland doesn't have yet second generation immigrants that age from the middle east. we have had a huge increase recently of middle east immigrants where i live.up till around the noughties noone immigrated to ireland because it was not really a better country than where they were leaving. i kept noticing the man walking around on different times with his head gear.i'm 100% certain it was a man the build, clothes and i saw him before where he had it on a bit loose so i got a bit of a glimpse of his face.he wasn't dressed as a sheikh with a turbin. i kind of got a fright at first cos i thought it was a member of the ira who were known to wear balaclavas or a bank robber. do Muslim men wear clothes to cover their face.

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