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  1. maybe bcz she didn't give him a chance to do so ?
  2. But than again wtf with Miley and whoretrashdian.
  3. Don't get me wrong Britney definitely pulled that dress off and looked absolutely fabulous. But that dress was awful and 3 sizes too small,and boderline tastless and whore-ish.
  4. ughh Hate that dude,espy was dreadful,I can't believe he is getting paid (a lot) for shit like that.
  5. I'll be ok with her purple hair (if styled properly)
  6. https://instagram.com/p/5u3m2NtvOv/ She is so talented Britney looking 12 with her makeup
  7. Damn her new lips She looks great overall though
  8. This isn't funny nor interesting at all,like at all
  9. Honestly I didn't recognize her And that hairstyle is a mess,it reminds me of dated 90s housewife hairstyle.
  10. If she attends she will probably win it. (if she performs than its ours) But lbr Taylor overexposed attention whore Swift will collect all the awards
  11. I swear its like there are 2 Britney's robbo/clone Britney that we get (usually during rc and interviews) and this prime/cute/cool Britney that we all know that comes every once in a while. Such a great interview :heart:
  12. Did she srsly bleached his hair ? He is 9 ffs And that haircut is so bad,my god Glenn is so bad Preston is a beautiful kid though
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